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This is a sub-selection from sprint spectrum


reply to jgkolt

Re: sprint spectrum

Softbank is already pumping $16B into Sprint to do just that. 800mhz is rolling out now, which will help coverage.


Fremont, OH
·AT&T U-Verse
which still is limited and so are devices. You have the option of a data card as the USB Netgear 341U. The Netgear Zing isn't even listed any more- and it was only out for a short time. Before Sprint invests in a network- they need to get a ton of devices and be ready to flood a market with them if they wish to compete- but they don't. They want to become a VZW or AT&T. Sprint was the only carrier to kill their upgrade plan after TMO started it.


The refarmed 2500 spectrum (which is currently and for the foreseeable future will continue to be available only in Clearwire markets) has a limited selection of devices as of right now. The nexus 5, g2, and samsung gs4t support all three Sprint LTE bands, including 2500. There's a lot more devices out there that support the refarmed nextel 800mhz spectrum; devices released after the evo 3d support 1x 800 and newer devices like the iPhone 5c and 5s and various other android devices support LTE on 800.

It's the 800mhz deployment that is going to make a big difference in usability. Luckily, the hardware that broadcasts 1900mhz LTE can also do 800mhz LTE. With the exception of the near-border sites with Mexico and Canada, nearly all of sprint's 39,000 sites will broadcast 800mhz LTE by the time the first phase of NV is complete. The same cannot be said for their 2500 LTE deployment, which needs site spacing akin to wifi. It's fast, though.


Crowley, TX
reply to TBBroadband
Actually you are incorrect. There are several spark enabled handsets already on the market. Galaxy s4 mini, galaxy Mega, nexus 5, and they are re-releasing the standard galaxy s 4 with a compatible radio. Also the lg g flex is available soon if not already.

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reply to Sprinty
said by Sprinty :

nearly all of sprint's 39,000 sites will broadcast 800mhz LTE by the time the first phase of NV is complete.

Any idea when that will occur Sprinty?


For sites already broadcasting LTE, between 2-6 months for most of them. For the sites that have not been updated at all and the ones without upgraded backhaul, between 6 and 18 months.