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Carlisle, PA
reply to hello123454

Re: What's wrong with this guy?

said by hello123454:

As a CEO I would never post anything below the belt like he did. It sounds like this guy is still in high school with the cheap blows. If I were a T-Mobile customer I'd have to call in and let them know how unprofessional their CEO is. Lines like #doingitwrong show he is trying way too hard to be cool on twitter. No one ever questions these things. If what AT&T did was so bad won't it speak for itself? By pointing it out it makes you look like you're desperate.

I actually like his way of doing things. We're far too Panzy PC these days and afraid to call people out.

I'm seriously thinking of trying out T-Mo when my Verizon contract is up in June because of him. Also because I'm tired of Sharing My Paycheck with Verizon. Only thing may be home coverage bit We'll see.


Switch now t-mobile will pay your ETF. You can do wifi calling at home works great. I dumped AT&T and don't have a single regret... If you live in a urban area coverage is great. Haven't tried my phone in rural areas but rarely go to any so not too concerned... AT&T and Verizon are complete crooks with there current plans.