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Hazelwood, MO
reply to Hall

Re: You can lead a horse...

In all of AT&T's wisdom you have to tune to the 1000 channels for HD on uVerse.

You would think all of these morons would make it so HD settings on the receiver only = HD channels coming from it (when available). If I set the receiver to do 1080 widescreen, then I clearly dont want to see your 480 crap boxed up on my screen.


Saint Louis, MO
Skippy, you are welcome to your opinion. Just don't try to force your option on me. I choose whether I watch SD or HD and I would not want to be forced to watch HD just because I happened to set my receiver to 1080 widescreen.


Hazelwood, MO
I am not forcing crap on anyone, but if you set up your TV for HD then you would expect HD by default and conveniently available.

If you are the 1 out of 1,000,000 people that set your HD TV up and want SD on it then too bad. Why should the other 99,999,999 deal with that stupidity for the one.

And I will say, if you choose to watch SD when HD is available to you for the same content on an HD TV, then you either A.) Are an idiot or B.) Just being a PITA to be a PITA (yes I am judging) as there is no logical argument you could possibly make to choose SD over HD on an HD tv.