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Randall, call the Whaabulance. LOL

The thing is, what Legere and people are doing is working quite well for them. I like the fact that he uses social media because it really makes him seem like someone most people can actually relate to and not some stuffy executive. It also makes him seem modern and in-touch with the latest and greatest. The fact that AT&T is reacting means he's doing something right. I am an AT&T customer myself. Because of Legere and his actions with Uncarrier, I have now scored a better plan that has saved me money with AT&T. This is what competition is all about. How Legere is doing it is clearly working.

The fact is that this kind of strategy is effective, and if it benefits the consumer so much the better, ATT and other have become too comfortable with their
semi monopoly in the marketplace.

Randall stop crying and start being more customer oriented. The time of short
term profit and short term thinking is past.