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Tempe, AZ

[CATV] New channel lineups


I am really confused now. For where I live (Tempe, AZ) they have the following lineups:
TV Starter (50 channels)
TV Essentials (153 channels)
TV Economy (201 channels)
Advanced TV (246 channels)
Advanced TV Preferred (321 channels)
Advanced TV Premier (330 channels)
Advanced TV Ultimate (377 channels)

I currently have Advanced TV, but looking over the other lineups, I realized that I can get by with TV Essentials at a lower cost (I don't use OnDemand or Music Choice). So went to the store and had the clerk adjust my subscription. When I eventually got home I saw I had TV Economy (could have been my fault for I really have bad handwriting on my notes).

So I just decided to call instead. The tech on the phone said that I have to give up my box to get Essentials otherwise you get Advanced TV. That made me happy (one less thing to pay for), and I asked them to confirm that all I have to do is take the box out and connect the cable to my TV (2 year old Samsung Smart TV) and scan and I would get Essentials. They said that is correct.

So, I hang up, take out my cable box, setup the TV and scan, and scan, and scan channels. Only to find that I do NOT get all the channels specified on TV Essentials (really ended up with "TV Starter").

So... anyone know what is really required to get TV Essentials and how to get it?

Hard Harry

Narragansett, RI
·Cox HSI

What happens when you go to a channel manually that you don't get? Snow?

TV Essential is the new name for "Expanded service" and if your not getting channels 24+ there could be a filter on the line, or on that outlet, block the signal. Were you getting those channel's before all of this?

Phoenix, AZ

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reply to Guzzler

I believe the channel count is wrong on the Essential and Economy, because Economy does not have more channels than Essential (Essential includes Starter)

There is no real TV Essentials w/o a STB or CableCARD because other than the Locals and Local sub-channels all the Digital channels are encrypted, and some are even SDV. (there are a few exceptions like WGN)

W/O a STB or CableCARD all you get are the analog channels and locals in digital.

Any STB or CableCARD automatically pushes you to Advanced TV (except maybe for TV Economy)

You could get a CableCARD @ $2/mo and get the:
Samsung GX-SM530CF Cable Box and Streaming Media Player with Built-In Wi-Fi

You may have to also pay a $3/mo Advanced TV fee, I still cannot figure out who actually has to pay this fee, I do but no one else I know does.

Here is the fine print at the bottom of the TV Essentials Package Details:

° Digital or HD channel included with service level noted; requires rental of digital receiver or CableCARD, except TV sets with Clear-QAM digital tuner may receive local broadcast channels without equipment rental. Some digital or HD video channels may be delivered via Switched Digital Video technology requiring an Advanced TV or other receiver with two-way capability, or a device equipped with a Cox CableCARD and SDV tuning adapter to view those channels.
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Tempe, AZ
reply to Guzzler

Ok, maybe the channel count is off from the web page (»ww2.cox.com/residential/tv/chann···neup.cox). But yea, I agree that I would need to keep the STB to get Essential, and I'm fine with that.

I'm just trying to lower my bill a bit, if I can.


Tempe, AZ
reply to BryanInPHX

Oh, btw that $3 "Advance TV" is for On Demand and Music Choice. Which is what I'm trying to get rid of. I don't use those, so why pay for it.