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[windows hosting] Setting Up Windows 7 64 IIS Server - FrontPage 2003 Won't Pub

I'm into Day 3 of troubleshooting this problem. History: I've been running an XP server since 2005 with relatively few problems. Now I'm attempting to update with the times and finding the process almost insurmountable.

Here's the short of it: Installed Windows 7 64 on DELL 390 PC. Installed all updates to Service Pack 1. Enabled IIS components, including WebDav. Enabled WWW HTTP port 80 through the firewall.

I can view the default web site both localhost and via another PC on the network by IP address of the server. So far, so good.

Next step is to put content on the server, so I fire up FrontPage 2003 and attempt to publish to the new server, using WebDav, since FrontPage Extensions are no longer supported in IIS 7.5.

Any attempts to publish result in the following error from FP2003:

"405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed.
Server Error 405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed. The page you are looking for cannot be displayed because an invalid method (HTTP verb) was used to attempt access. "

I've also tried to FTP into the site, but after several password prompts, "could not find a web server on port 21" appears. I've set the rules to allow FTP through the firewall, so this error shouldn't be happening.

Ideally, I'd prefer to publish via FrontPage Extensions as that kept all my content and links up to date automatically.

After three days of banging my head against this wall, I'm wondering if it's even worth upgrading my server. The old one still works fine. I'd just like to be able to bind domains to subwebs at the server, so I can use TLDs instead of sub.domains hidden in frames to access my sites. XP's version of IIS can't do binding, otherwise, I'd have no reason to upgrade. I hope the publish problem can be solved with relatively simple steps. Any ideas that will let me complete my upgrade process?


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Since I can't publish to this server due to the lack of FPSE, I tried copying index.htm directly to the folder containing the web site content.

I can view the default web if I type "localhost" (I get the IIS 7 screen), but if I type "localhost/[website]" where [website] is the name of the new site I created, I get the following error:

The file is there in the site's folder, and I can click on the index.htm with an explorer window and view it in IE just fine. But IIS 7.5 won't serve it.

If there is a way to install the last version of IIS that supports FPSE, that might be my best option. FrontPage always worked well for me, as it organized and updated all the links across multiple pages. If I recall correctly, IIS7 supported FPSE, but I cannot figure out how to install that version on Windows 7 64.


Orlando, FL
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Sounds like someone needs to get a linux server!

You could try using Encompass which is cPanel for windows, but I don't think anybody really supports Frontpage anymore, may be time to figure something else out :P


The problems are more than just publishing though.. I setup Win 7 64 out of the box. Followed the same procedure as shown on a couple of Youtube videos, how to create a new web site... then do the localhost/newsite in the browser. I put an index.htm file in the new site. I think in one example, someone put a default.asp file. Their browser displayed 'hello world' from their asp page, while mine displayed a 404 error. Can't even get that to work. IIS 5.1 was a piece of cake by comparison. The only reason I wanted to update was my server is 17 years old and I wanted to do TLDs and use the bindings feature of newer IIS to have my TLDs routed to the appropriate multiple web sites on my server. Right now I have to do sub.websitename type stuff, and that screws up links across domains.

The other thing that I can't figure out is how to make WebDav on FrontPage work. The publish menu gives a few choices, ranging from FrontPage Extensions or Sharepoint Services, to WebDav, to FTP, to File System. The last two don't keep the links updated, so I have to manually edit every link if I move something. FrontPage was terrifically easy, as it synched everything perfectly. I could go on using it for another 15 years, but I'd like to stop using sub.domain names in frames and make it a little more authentic.

LINUX is a whole nother world. I'd have to first learn that, before I could begin to play with web servers.
But IIS 7.5 seems to be about 10,000% more complicated than 5.1, and doesn't work right out of the box. Seems that when you create a web site, it fails to automatically assign the proper permissions to folders containing the site content. That's maddeningly frustrating.

There's a reason I'm Command.
Washington, DC
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FP is dead. Go here for the present-day tools. »www.microsoft.com/web/platform/tools.aspx


said by DC DSL:

FP is dead. Go here for the present-day tools. »www.microsoft.com/web/platform/tools.aspx

Those applications look like they're geared toward ASP application writing. I only need to author html pages and Frontpage has been serving my needs perfectly all these years. I'm only trying to upgrade my server so that I can use bindings to route TLDs to sub webs on the same server. But since I've not been able to get a sub web to even serve a test page after a week of failed attempts, I'm about to give up on IIS 7.5. What I'll probably end up doing is install Windows XP on this DELL server and build up an identical IIS 5.1 environment and keep it ready for when the hardware fails on the old 1997 server. IIS 7.5 seems to be orders of magnitude less user-friendly than 5.1. One really has to have serious IT knowledge to make it work--it doesn't work out of the box like 5.1 did. And then there's the issue of Frontpage too. That kills it for me.