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Evanston, IL
reply to IPPlanMan

Re: Color Hex Code

exactly. Spot on the money here. It wasn't just the color (which I did note), it was also the plans and being in direct competition.

It's not about how the logo "looks". That wasn't the complaint at all.

Jason Levine
Except that the court document highlights just the color:

Telecommunications companies use color as an integral part of elaborate marketing campaigns to identify the sources for various consumer products and services. Familiar examples include "Verizon red", "Sprint yellow," AT&T orange," and "T-Mobile magenta."

T-Mobile seeks to protect its trademarked use of magenta from what it alleges is Aio's infringing use of a confusingly similar plum color.


T-Mobole alleges that AT&T's plum - Pantone 676C - is so close to T-Mobile's trademarked magenta - Pantone Process Magenta - that it infringes the T-Mobile mark, dilutes its strength, and likely causes confusion among customers.
The ruling goes on to mention the color, not a marketing scheme or pricing structure. This lawsuit seems entirely based on T-Mobile saying "We own this color. Use it or anything similar to it and we'll sue you." If AT&T's Aio was doing other things to confuse customers, that's another issue, but this was all about the colors. T-Mobile doesn't get to claim ownership on one color and then tell everyone to stay away from every other color that they deem to be "too similar."
-Jason Levine