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Santa Monica, CA
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Re: Can't Be!

Nope. Shareholders are the greatest source of that investment capital. They don't hold it up, they enable it. The quarterly filing simply means that the company is more closely scrutinized.

Privately held firms are simply able to take greater risks, including those which imperil the future, the very existence of the company. I don't know, in the case of Grande - this appears to be a small cherry-picked market segment, so they might be able to absorb a loss, but again, Moody's doesn't seem to approve.

Again, it doesn't bother me either way. If they go belly-up, the fire-sale will generally result in cheap assets for whoever takes over, which artificially lowers the cost to the consumer, at nominal cost to the treasury and the bondholders who believed in them.

If they profit, selling $65 FTTH against Google and AT&T, that's fantastic, more power to them.


Hazelwood, MO

You are delusional. Shareholders, the very first people to buy a companies offering, "may" contribute to capital investment. Beyond that, the money goes between one investor to another and the company sees none of it. The only ones that see money are the investment firms and the seller. If a company offers 1 billion stocks for $1, they will get $1Billion dollars from the buyers. That stock can then go up to $1000 a piece in 6 months and that company will see $0.