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Mississauga, ON
·TekSavvy DSL

To those w/ SmartRG SR505n: How is your 5GHz performance?

I have been troubleshooting the my modem with my ISP, TekSavvy, to see if my unit is possibly defective/faulty when it comes to operating on the 5GHz band.

There have been a few comments on these boards about the 5GHz not working well on this modem and having a weak signal (ie: drops out approximately 10 feet away from the modem). There is also mention that the WLAN LED does not light up in 5GHz mode.

So in my current situation I have concluded that I have a dilemma: the 5GHz works, but very poorly.

What standard should we hold this modem's capability to? Perhaps this is just the performance that can be expected from this modem.

Is there anyway to get any comment from SmartRG?

I thought maybe I could get a consensus from others who may be using this same modem on other providers to comment.

How does your SmartRG SR505n perform in 5GHz?

My SmartRG 5GHz signal is so poor that I can not get any signal approximately 10 feet away from the modem with a direct line of sight to it. Even 3ft from the modem, the downstream attainable via Speedtest.net is no more than 12Mbps. I am subscribed to 25Mbps service, which my wired PC can obtain (meaning no issues with my line).

I understand that the majority of people who have the SmartRG and plan to use the 5GHz band would have a dedicated router for this job. I hope that maybe one or a few of you could humor me here to see if they can get better performance out of their modem, and help to deduce that there really is an issue with my modem.


I have the SmartRG with Acanac and now that you mention it, with my laptop, I would hover right around 12Mbps as well, though my wife's laptop seemed to fair much better on the 2.4GHz band and could get close to the full connection.

That being said, I've never been much of a fan of these all in one solutions. A modem should be a modem and a router a router--maybe I'm just old fashioned that way. At any rate, I now have the Smart in bridge mode and my Asus RT-AC66u is handling all the wireless and DHCP and have a separate switch handling all of the hard-wired traffic.

I haven't had any issues at all with this setup.


Mississauga, ON
Thanks for the sole response, rednekcowboy.

I think I will go the route of a similar setup by purchasing a dedicated wireless router, and let the SmartRG be a modem.

Teddy Boom
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Toronto, ON
reply to ianenc
said by ianenc:

How does your SmartRG SR505n perform in 5GHz?

This is something I'll look into eventually. It does seem as though the 5GHz performance may be questionable, unfortunately, but certainly not enough evidence to say definitively yet.