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Medina, OH

Copy protection flags on CableCard?

Hi all,

I'm contemplating reconnecting cable TV for the first time in a while, but my current HTPC system is built around Linux and mostly XBMC. That's not necessarily a problem thanks to the various ethernet-based CableCard tuners, but what matters is what copy protection flags are set on the programs. Anything more strict than "copy freely" is a problem and would limit me to Windows 7/8 "Media Center", which I like but isn't compatible with my existing network.

Can anyone tell me how things look here? I probably wouldn't have any premium networks (though I'd be interested to hear how the protection is on HBO and Showtime), just HD and the "Variety" pack for NatGeo and the like. What if any channels would be missing on my non-DRM systems?

I'm in Medina, OH if it's relevant, but I assume this will be pretty consistent across the network.