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Mad Mac

Moorpark, CA

Use RG as a router?

Story: I've been a uVerse internet-only customer for a little over three years. Service has been good, but I just found out that the price is going up again next month. Local cable is offering 15 Mbps (I'm on 12 just now) for over $20 less than I'll be paying. I left cable because of the prices going up, and it may be time to do the same with AT&T.

Question: I own my RG - what I'd like to do is use it as a router for the cable service if I change , meaning the wifi (coverage is better than any router I've ever used) remains the same and there's minimal hassle in changing service. Can this be done?


Columbus, OH

Short answer is no -- The AT&T RG can not be used with a cable provider as a router only.