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Do you believe your Off Peak vs On Peak Traffic meter numbers

I'm wondering if anyone else is questioning the validity of the Teksavvy usage meter. I have been using a Netgear router with Traffic Meter for several years so I can monitor my traffic every month. (habit from my robbers days!)

Recently I switched to the Cable 25 package from old Cable 28 because it was $7 a month cheaper.

Since then, my usage numbers seem out of whack.

I don't have a problem with my total usage, just the on vs off peak numbers. The usage meters total seems to agree with my router (+/- 2%) but my Off Peak numbers are too low, while my Peak usage numbers are much higher than I think they should be.

Typically my off peak is significant because I have my computer boot up and download at 5am. Usually its just about 20 to 30 minutes and my downloader is set to pause at 7:50am just in case. Since there is minimal computer usage before 8am in our house, I know that my off peak usage should approximate my downloading volume.

I checked a few days this week and it seems like the daily off peak numbers at TS are lower than what I actually downloaded. Conversely, my Peak numbers seem really high.

I contacted TS and they basically blew me off but I am going to monitor more closely in coming weeks.

Anyone else questioning the traffic meter numbers?

TSI Jonathan
Hi xm4243,

If you could provide us with proof of the comparison, we will gladly pass this on to our R&D team so that they can investigate this further. We are still in the BETA phase and are taking our customers feedback very seriously. Please feel free to post in the direct forum so we can look into this with you.

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TSI Jonathan
Online Experience Manager
Authorized TSI employee - Teksavvy Solutions Inc.