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[Content] NHL Center Ice on Comcast

Live in DFW, and have TWC....soon to be Comcast again.

My question is, what is the NHL Center Ice PPV package like for Comcast customers?
Here in DFW we have channels 930-945 set aside for the games (this same block of channels is used for Major League Basesball Extra Innings PPV). All games are SD, except 944 and 945, which show select games in HD. One channel is for the stats, and another is the mosaic screen that shows a lookin to games being shown.

I am hoping that Comcast has more games in HD (like Direct TV does).

Also, do you have the NHL network?
We do not have it here in DFW...been asking about it for 5 years now because of course, we lose games from Center Ice pkg that are shown on NHL Network.

Thanks for your input!

C'mon the U
Wilmington, DE

NHL Network - Yes. In SD and HD.

As far as Center Ice - you won't get any more than the GAME and GAME2 HD channels.

For any sports packages (MLB, MLS, NHL, etc.) I always recommend getting the subscription via an Apple TV (or the like). You'll get all the games in HD.
"ONE team - ONE city - ONE dream!!"


Weirton, WV
reply to JSull

just remember if the stars are on nhl network and also on their rsn also the nhl network will show an alternate game instead.


reply to JeepMatt

So it is the same...thought so. The package sold to satellite is different, with all games in HD, when the teams provide it.
Hopefully we get NHL Network for next season.
May check out mikesz4's suggestion too.


Weirton, WV

Best bet is to subscribe to the online package. You get access in mobile devices and pc. Center ice is only tv.


Des Plaines, IL
reply to JSull

Directv mainly just remaps the RSN feeds to CI channels and they do feed in canadas feeds as well. Right now for canada they seem to have CBC HD, Sports net ontario HD, SportsNet Pacific HD, Some TSN HD feeds (I think only some jets and habs feeds).

Also NBCSN ALT HD (come playoff time you may get to see more games then cable) AND NHLNET ALT HD

comcast without SDV or MPEG4 is unlikely to get more then game 1 HD and game 2 HD and they have share them with MLB EI.