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[bug] linkline test fails

Error connecting to
gi:java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response
code: 500 for URL:

i'm using Safari on Mavericks, latest versions, with Java 7u51, from Verizon FIOS in Long Beach CA, other test sites work.

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There seems to be an issue with Java 7 and the speed tests. It's being worked on, but may take a little time to be resolved.
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There is no problem with the other two Java speed tests as far as them working (assuming I have set Java security as LOW as Oracle currently allows). It is something unique to Linkline and the error claims the Linkline server is perpetually busy.

There's something wrong though with the Palo Alto one as a server way off in New Jersey is accurately reporting my speed but a server much close to me in California is reporting ONE FOURTH my speed. Linkline, when it worked, also reported extremely low speeds 24/7. Only NetAcess has been accurate for a long while for me.

None of them will work past December of this year unless dslr signs them as unsigned ones will be totally banned both by browsers and Oracle at that time. Currently, one has to significantly lower security for Java in order to do unsigned Java speed tests and doing that will not be allowed later this year. Keeping Java at high security and adding dslr speed tests to the exceptions list does not work because the jar file is on a different domain and that is not allowed now even when you include it in the exceptions list. So, currently, the ONLY way to do the Java speed tests here is by permanently lowering Java security which is potentially dangerous and won't be allowed later this year.

Visualware is in the process of converting all their servers to use signed code but Web100 NDT tests are in the same boat dslr's are in....they will cease to be available later this year because their application is not signed.
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