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Leander, TX

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Re: MS should of released two editions of Win 8

Touch screen works pretty good on my laptop. I haven't totally integrated it into my work flow, but I do find it easier to touch some of the time.

I have to wonder if in future years we won't praise Microsoft for integrating the two systems. Right now it is learning pains for both the user and the OS designer, but I do like the ability to run the full operating system on a tablet. While it is not my preferred work computer, sometimes you need to be able to get something done and the tablet is what is convenient or accessible.


I won't disagree with you at all and tablets/laptops have a lot in the "convenience" category and what they can do.

I think Steve says it all, there is 2 distinct environments and past history hasn't been kind to the Big M trying to come across with a tablet.

So why did the powers to be think the 2 differing tools become the same?
If they failed with previous product, why then force it on everyone?
Maybe it is for the APU and it's future etc, because hardware is changing whereby everything is soldered and not plug-able like a desktop is.

Being realistic and going off past wins and losses, this isn't the end, and I want to think positively it is the beginning too.
I just hope they do not continue with the desktop theme aka Win 8 for desktops.
Personal choice I know, but I am not alone and hopefully they are aware of this and happy to lose sales, even if marginally initially, so they do start a new path for computing both software and hardware in the years ahead.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke