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reply to JMJimmy

Re: Voltage vs Teksavvy decision

said by JMJimmy:

- Have their privacy safeguarded.

Yup, TSI did this, as is evident by the Judge's order limiting what info Voltage gets and how they can use the information they get

- Be notified that a request for their personal information has been made by a third party.

Yup, TSI did this, as is evident by the fact that we knew about it from the start.

- Have an opportunity to defend themselves when claims are made against them.

Yup, TSI did this, as is evident by the court record in which they requested a delay. This gave people a chance to fight back - they didn't take it (yet) but there was the opportunity.

Yup. TSI did all that. Which put them above every other ISP, as stated.

But, I think some people don't see that. Or they can't grasp it.


reply to dillyhammer
said by dillyhammer:

said by rednekcowboy:

I've learned not to debate with fanatical anon posters

I just add them to my blocked list. I can't be bothered with anyone that won't sign their work.

My Christmas wish every year is that the blocking mechanism on DSLr gets some smarts. For example, when I block someone, I want their shit to disappear (which already happens), but my wish is THEY can't see my shit either.

If those 2 mechanisms applied to quoted text too, that would make me deliriously happy.

edit: It's a global block: all anon posts are ignored with one click. works great.


That's an awesome suggestion. Thanks Mike!!