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Indianapolis, IN

Samsung SSD - EVO vs PRO

I'm looking at investing in an SSD in the near future and I'm looking at the Samsung EVOs and PROs. Can anyone help explain to me why the 512GB PRO costs roughly $150 more than the 500GB EVO? I realize one is 12GB more storage obviously, but that hardly accounts for the price difference. I look through read/write speeds and they appear to be identical. I have to assume for $150 the PRO is "better", but what is so much better about it and is it truly $150 worth of better value? Is it going to last twice as long or something?

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Long Island

There are a few hardware differences (memory types, etc.) between the two. Both are highly rated - I just got the 840 EVO as a gaming drive.

Take a look at this article:

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The pro is an older drive. Against the original 840 it had considerably better performance. Against the newer 840 evo that difference has diminished, though it hasn't entirely disappeared.

The pro uses multi level cell. The evo triple level cell.
Theoretically this means that the evo has lower endurance than the pro. The pro has a 5 year warranty. The evo a 3 year warranty.
However, endurance on all ssds is improving and whether any of this makes much practical difference is debatable. You aren't likely to be using either drive 8 years from now. Much depends on how heavily you expect to write to the drive. Drive warranties are often designed around the idea of 20-40GB of writing per day. Sites like techreport have been writing to many of these drives, including the older original 840 and they are still functional after 200+TB of writing. Unless you expect to be writing really abnormal amounts of data to the drive it probably isn't something you need to worry about.

In short, if you think you are going to be really hammering the drive with 50-100GB of WRITES (not reads) every day for years then it might be worth it to spend the extra money. For most people the evo should be fine and I would save the money. In terms of endurance and performance per dollar spent the evo is probably going to come out better than the pro.


Indianapolis, IN
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Excellent summary and exactly what I was wanting to know. Thank you very much.

Windsor, ON
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I have the 250GB EVO and no issues to date. It's for my OS/apps/and main games I play which is mostly BF4. I have a 120GB Vertex 3 for other games I barely play at the moment and a 640GB Black for other storage.

I couldn't tell a difference from the Vertex 3 with the EVO in terms of performance, but the IOPS is definitely higher on the EVO.

Benchmarks in Samsung Magician show pretty much equal performance for read/write vs the Vertex 3. Not something you can physically see in comparison.

With Magician you can set up the drive to use RAM as cache to increase read/write performance which is unnecessary, but cool nevertheless.