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Atlanta, GA
reply to Thinkdiff

Re: [SU] iOS 7.0.6 is out

said by Thinkdiff:

Basic software development principles... They are no longer working on the 7.0.x base, they're fixing bugs in the 7.1 base. This release is to fix a serious security bug that was important enough to unfreeze the 7.0.x base and fix it.

General, non-security related bug fixes aren't going to be rolled back to 7.0.x just for the hell of it.

How are they fixing bugs in 7.1 base when that's not out yet? Did you mean BETA?

Cyber Librarian
Forest Grove, OR
Software doesn't have to be released to a) have bugs or b) have bug fixes applied. I'm sure there's a common code base between 7.1 and 7.0 (and earlier) so bugs that are fixed and released for 7.0.x are also fixed in 7.1 as needed.
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Bronx, NY
reply to GuruGuy
I'm not sure if you're just trying to argue semantics or what, but obviously there is a 7.1 version active inside Apple that has bug fixes for problems that were in the 7.0.x release. Usually only minor changes are made to the previous revision once serious work starts on a new version, with exceptions for major problems such as this one.

My point was Apple is not going to roll bug fixes made in the 7.1 code back to 7.0.x just because they're planning to fix a single security bug. The more mundane bug fixes will be released with 7.1.
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