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[Networking] Actiontec ECB2500C causing loss of internet connectivity?

I recently added an ECB2500C to my network in order to get a Tivo HD, Roku and Blu-ray player onto my network. I added the ECB2500C and an old Linksys router (with DHCP turned off) and plugged in the devices. All of those devices worked fine.

However, a laptop connecting wirelessly and a desktop connecting via ethernet are regularly losing internet connectivity. Rebooting the router allows both to connect for a short period of time, then they lose connectivity again. Removing the ECB2500C seems to remove the problem.

Any thoughts on troubleshooting?


For troubleshooting..
Try with the ECB connected but nothing connected to it. Do the devices connected to your main network work normally.

If that works then try just connecting one device at a time directly to the ECB and see if that causes any issues.

If introducing the linksys is where you run into trouble try putting it in AP mode.

all i can think of at the moment


Thanks for your help. It was user error - I forgot to change the IP address of the Linksys router to something other than Changing it to a different fixed IP seems to have fixed the problem.