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Mentor, OH

[Pricing] Installing fees

So help me understand this. In socal fios is fixed and not being expanded network wise. If I have fios pre-installed from the previous business and don't choose to use it, that revenue goes out the window like an unused hotel room. So why on earth would verizon sales reps stick to their guns in insisting on charging a ridiculous install fee?


Mentor, OH
Crickets. Guess verizon doesn't want my business. I spot works well thankfully.


Virginia Beach, VA
Vz reps aren't going to answer messages in this forum, it's a peer to peer forum. If you want a Vz response, try the Direct forum.

As for why the sales reps won't bypass the install fee, they probably don't have the authority to. Ask to speak to a supervisor.


East Amherst, NY

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reply to steveme
It depends on the area but Verizon can use different ONT than residential and some can have multiple SLA batteries. Just because you have an ONT physically installed does not mean it won't have to be swapped or there is no work to do.

If the ONT was unplugged the batteries in that ONT are useless are will need to be replaced if using phone lines. That is one cost, the other is that businesses can require a higher touch depending upon what equipment needs to be attached to the ONT, which can be much more complex than a residential install, especially if phone is involved.

Also w/ the new router fee if you combine 2-play they waive that fee. I JUST had this conversation yesterday w/ SBC.

Your post is humorous, ten years ago they would have slapped you with a 3 year contract w/ an outrageous termination fee, charge you over $1000 a month, and over $1,000 to install.

They price install fee without knowing any of those items up front.

Verizon allows small business to sign up for 2 year contract, or no contract, which is up to you (higher cost for latter).

If you start comparing with other vendors out there, you will probably see FiOS cost being much lower over time.

In my area I had a business who was paying $80 for TWC 3M/128k - Yes DSL-era speeds two months ago. You can get 50/25 for that price here for FiOS.

As a business owner (I'm assuming) you must understand that these items cost Verizon lots of upfront money, and they may not even fully recover the install fee depending upon your setup, but rely on monthly fees to recover the cost of the ONT and all of the other prem equipment that they must maintain. So while they may let the ONT rot, it may be better financially for them than to sink more money into a "free" install and push the ROI even farther down the line.

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West Chester, PA
reply to steveme
How much is the installation fee that they want to charge you?


East Amherst, NY
reply to steveme

I just got off the phone w/ SBC because I'm doing a side gig for a small business. Verizon's current plan-and I'm talking 50/25 is for $89 a month plus $149 install fee + $149 for the router (optional). Comical you can buy it online for $99. If you go to their 2 line digital bundle for $114 this gives you two lines (1 nationwide, 1 local) but NO install fee and free router. Taxes in my area $6 a line for a 2 year contract. For no contract add $10 a month to both bundles, not crazy.

For due diligence, I called TWC business class and received quotes from them.

To do "wideband" 50/5 they want --$299-- a month for a 3 year contract. Adding two phone lines the cost goes to $345. So this cost is over 250% more. They don't charge install fees or modem rental. So take the $300 upfront, however you are paying $200 a month more.

Now I started getting both on the phone and with 20 minutes of diligence I have Verizon eating the install and TWC price matching Verizon and throwing in BBY gift cards, and down to a 2 year contract.

Long story short, count your blessings that FiOS is even available in your area, so I would say spend some time on the phone playing the carriers off each other, or get the phone promo or pony up the install fee.

BTW - This business also has the ONT sitting on the wall, unplugged.

Light Guy

Somerville, NJ
said by elefante72:

If you go to their 2 line digital bundle for $114 this gives you two lines (1 nationwide, 1 local) but NO install fee and free router.

When you say "digital bundle" are you referring to Fios Digital Voice? I am pretty sure that FDV is not available to business customers.


East Amherst, NY
Didnt ask. They said it will connect to ont not a landline. Since taxes are only 6 per line it probably is fdv because that is what my taxes used to run with fdv. Whatever they call it its through the ont and there are .50 in fcc fees. Why does that matter?


reply to steveme
Residential customers here can do a self install and save on the installation fee.Ask if you can do it yourself and see if they will waive the fee since there will be no truck roll out.Plug in the bbu so they can range ont, and supply your own router.
If they have to send a tech you will be charged though.