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Germantown, OH
reply to IowaCowboy

Re: [Plumbing] Nursing home toilet replacement

Interesting - or odd ? - that you open up toilet tanks to see what internals they use....

Iowa native
Springfield, MA
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You can tell by the flush, if a tank type toilet uses a blowout type flush (like you see with a Flushometer in commercial restrooms), then it has a Flushmate assembly inside, if it has a gravity type flush, then you have a run of the mill toilet. But even gravity type toilets come in commercial grade, they are just built with parts designed to withstand the wear and tear of their intended use (such as metal instead of plastic or a more durable plastic). I do know if you go to the American Standard website, they have separate catalogs for residential and commercial restroom fixtures.

I know if I owned this house, I'd drop the $400 for an American Standard Toilet with the Flushmate assembly inside. Those toilets give a clean flush each time. I don't know about my grandma's house up in Maine, that house seems to have water pressure issues even though it has city water. This is the toilet I'd like to put in my house.


As for the toilet upstairs, I've decided I'm going to reseat that toilet. No sense throwing it out. I've been using the Champion downstairs anyways because I like the taller height.
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Brooklyn, NY
reply to Hall

said by Hall:

Interesting - or odd ? - that you open up toilet tanks to see what internals they use....

Nothing wrong with that.
Curiosity, learning experience and caring/worrying for his grandmother wanting her to have the best.
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