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sonic modem died- buy our rent a new one?

 have a Motorola 2210 modem that sonic originally provided to me. It started losing sync this week after 4+ years of rock solid 17+mbps speed. It lost sync gradually at first then constantly by the weekend. Called sonic this am and they ended up putting in a ticket to att to come checkout our line. The ATT guy checked out line outside and inside (he wasn't supposed to be checking our internal wiring). He plugged his test modem into the same cord my modem had been plugged into at my desk. He got a max throughput of 21mbps and consisteny solid 17mbps for 15+ minutes before unplugging. This seemed to confirm my modem was bad. I called back sonic and they agreed I needed a new modem. They said they no longer sell modems and I could rent one from them for an extra $6.50/month>:( or I could go buy a new one on my own and they would not help me set it up>>:[.

So I am thinking about getting a TP-LINK TD-8616 adsl2+ modem for about $30. The question is will it not be too hard for me to setup and get working?

I need to get back up and running soon, I cannot STAND being stuck with my horribly marginal Sprint mobile data access.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Sunnyvale, CA
The monthly rental would give you free replacement if the modem were to fail again as well as help with troubleshooting (if that ever becomes necessary) since the Sonic support person would be familiar with your specific modem model.

On the other hand, setting up a DSL modem for dynamic IP service is usually not difficult. Sonic does have setup guides for a number of different DSL modems on their support website. From the look of it, these guides seem to be for users who still have modems from a prior ISP before switching to Sonic. This means some of the steps to follow may not be necessary for retail configurations of DSL modems (no need to undo a prior PPPoE configuration).

The TP-Link TD-8816 is not on the list of modems for which Sonic Support has a configuration guide published. This could mean that you depend on help from TP-Link support or from other Sonic users who also have that modem if you need help with the configuration.

If you do buy your own modem it makes sense to select a model that a lot of people are using so that you can get help in either the ISP or the Hardware/Equipment forums.
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