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Why not Bitdefender

Complete novice here. Looking for good AV. Saw at AV Comparatives that Bitdefender was consistenly highly rated but:

Saw AV poll. Excuse my noobness but according to the 3rd party AV testers Bitdefender is better than the more popular ones in poll. Why are there hardly any users here?

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It is NOT true, people silent does not mean they are not using it !!!
It is very simple basic AV from own baked M$ and run it with a very good anti malware { Malwarebytes } & U R good protected
BTW, other AV use more footprint on your OS ..... this is all my own experiences with best satisfied opinion since Win7 exist.
Oooops ...... my bad, U R talking about Bitdefender is NOT M$ product { SORRY }


Greenville, NC
reply to chillbill
Yeah I think Parad0X787 was referring to MS's Bitlocker. You would probably get more responses to your question if asked in the AV Poll thread.

Saint Paul, MN

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AV Fanboys are just like any other. Normally people will stick with an AV until it doesn't work for them. Most of us like lean and mean AV software that just works. Unfortunately feature creep normally means that what used to be a nice lean AV software now turns into a bloated pig that slows down our experience.

AV testing is like all other testing and just because AV Comparatives rates product X better than product Y it is only due to the testing methodology. Product X might detect more of what they throw at it, but maybe product Y detects most of it but has a much smaller footprint.

I currently use Avast!, but may be dumping it when my license comes up for renew due to the changes in their product, i.e. wanting to install Google Chrome and trying to up sell you their other products. I didn't pay for their software to see their ads or make them money installing other people's software.
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Denver, CO
reply to chillbill
I have used Agnitum Outpost Security Suite for years without a problem. Never see it talked about anywhere.

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In my mind, there is no right or wrong. Choose what you feel best about. Just remember that no matter what you choose, it's only 1 part of a computer's protection. IMO, a user's actions rank the highest in determining how safe a computer is. Software based protection can't be 100%!

Detroit, MI
reply to chillbill
said by chillbill :

. Excuse my noobness but according to the 3rd party AV testers Bitdefender is better than the more popular ones in poll. Why are there hardly any users here?

It's because here, people are more advanced than the common users. People here want more details in what the AV is and what it is doing. Bitdefender is a good AV but it is designed to be simple for the masses out there who don't want to be bothered with all the extras.


Thanks all

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Each of us prefers different things with our AVs. Some like to set it and forget it, some like to twiddle with it at the most microscopic level. Neither approach is right or wrong. It ultimately comes down to what works best on your particular computer setup. I've used a number of different AVs over the years; what's caused me to switch is usually an AV update starts not to play well with some other program I've got on my computer, or I feel that it's hogging too much CPU time.

If you've got limited hard drive and RAM, then you might want an AV that has a small resource load on your computer.

All of the AVs that the members here use will do a good job, but none of them will ever catch every single nasty out there. That's where sensible surfing and a layered approach to security helps out.
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