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My old heat pump died

not asking for advice or anything, just venting lol, here in quebec we are the opposite, we have surpluses of power in the summer and shortages when the temps drop. So people like me who have oil furnaces get incentive to install heat pumps for a dual energy setup, when the temps hit -15c our heat pumps shut off and our electric meters that have 2 sets of dials switch from the black ones to the red ones (meaning our electricity price shoots up x4, the upside is when the temps is north of -15 we get a discounted rate great for running the pool pump and the AC) this is mostly due to how 90% of quebec heats with baseboard heating and so during peak demand quebec actually imports power.

Now this winter i know its been cold, but ive found my furnace burning more than normal, as well last summer AC didnt seem as cold as usual. Last week i come home from work and i dont hear the heat pump running, look at it and the mornings light snow is still on the fan. Go inside and the "heat pump" light is on on the T stat. well go check the breaker, tripped, reset boom dead short. The heat pump is nearly 12 years old and one of those "door to door salesman specials" the previous owner got. Anyways, off to the heat pump emporium down the road (we are lucky in my town the local heat pump place has been in business since 1983 and everyone knows someone who worked there at one time) so find out our lovely quebec govnt is offering a cash grant of 750$ for heat pump replacement and upgrade! just have to do the blower door audit thing, PLUS a cashable tax credit of 20% on all expenses over 2500$ on the install.

so in a couple of weeks gonna have a shiny new amana 2.5t heat pump good to -18c! be nice to have one thats properly installed for once (my present heat pump looks like a friday afternoon install... its sinful how bad the job was done!)

My next door neighbor has the same unit, he keeps his house at 22c all winter and hasnt had an oil filling in a year and a half, cant wait to see how i will do, i keep my house at 18c

i appologize in advance to my american friends for the metric temps!