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reply to pauldenton

Re: Apple security rules leave inherited iPad useless, say sons

said by pauldenton:

the sons are the executors of the estate.......

Mr Grant became a co-executor of his mother Anthea Grant’s estate with his brother Patrick when she died from breast cancer at the age of 59 earlier this year.
...Then Apple made even more demands, asking the family to provide a court order to unlock their mother’s tablet, invoking the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. The order, Mrs Grant’s family said, would cost an estimated £200 in solicitor’s fees and would represent what they described as a “false economy” ...
this actually raises a very serious issue - if Apple's terms are that everything in your Cloud dies with you, then one is leaving one's executors with an insurmountable problem if any necessary financial information is stored in the Cloud on an Apple device

Indeed, if that story is accurate, the problem involves Apple lawyers' interpretation of the Electronic Comm Privacy Act, and that might escalate the legal sanction required for release above that which normally attends the actions of an executor. It all depends on what's actually in that ECP Act. However, the £200 seems rather "salty" for what should be required... and I wonder if it's really an accurate reflection of what it would actually cost to get the court order. Also, a legal question is raised as to what TOS applies in a case like this - the one in force at the time of death, or a later one Apple issued.
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no £200 is probably a reasonable estimate if one has to get a solicititor to do it

guideline hourly rates for a solicitor (dating from 2010) here (they live in london so the last set, for "london 3" would probably be the ones - £165 an hour for a solicitor with under 4 years...
»www.judiciary.gov.uk/Resources/J ··· 0-v2.pdf

and then there would be some court fees on top