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[Servers] Looking for input

Good morning everyone,

First if I am in the wrong spot I apologize upfront. I am just on a fact finding mission to see if there is anything I can do. Until about 6 months ago where I was living I had FiOS and was able, with help from a smtp smart host, run my own exchange server. No issues with ports 25 and 443 inbound. Sadly due to a relocation I am no longer able to get FiOS and I am stuck with a back woods cable company that has block all of those ports. So my dell servers are just sitting collecting dust.

I am doing some reading on VPN service providers. Is there even a possibility that if I set up a full tunnel with one of these providers could I get the 25 and 443 traffic to pass across and get my servers back up?

I am up for any other suggestions too...I did call about getting business class service, but I refuse to pay an additional $50 for the same crap service just with ports open.

Thanks again,



vpn will do it but you need control of the router on the vpn server side so you can do the correct port forwarding, not sure if that service is available. i know you can pull it off with AWS and vps configuration since you have port control of your elastic ip. prolly not too cheap but it would work

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said by Cobalt07 :

I am doing some reading on VPN service providers.

Let me stop you right there and say a) are the VPN port(s) needed blocked, and b) exactly HOW are you thinking VPN will solve your

Not to knock your idea, but if you're not reading the RFCs or the actual directions on setting up a VPN and are relying on the sales
pitches / promises of a VPN provider, you're doing this wrong(TM).

Another possibility is port redirection (ie. if traffic comes in on port x, redirect to port 25) either on your edge device to the ISP
or at the endhost level, but again, that needs some degree of technical knowhow and the equipment to support it.

Just my 00000010bits


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Have you tried calling the internet provider and asking them if they will unblock those ports for you? I have seen where just asking can fix the problem. Besides, if you never ask, the answer will always be no.
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i used this to relay out from the exchange server connected to a residential internet connection (testing a fresh install of exchange)


150 relays was more than enough (worked great).

i used this for incoming emails


i want to say that i recall this being free for 1 domain or maybe free to try? i do know that i didn't pay for it and that i could only add 1 domain to the portal. again, this was fine for me because i was testing. it took any incoming mail for my domain on port 25 and then it redirected it to a port that statically assigned in the web portal. once that was setup, it delivered the email to my email server behind the residential connection (i was testing exchange 2k13).