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Btrieve Guy
Oklahoma City, OK
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reply to jaykaykay

Re: A plea from a friend

said by jaykaykay:

I have allowed over-the-phone fixers into my computer but they were always from Microsoft. I checked to see if perhaps that "door" is open and it is turned off. Getting a new mouse could be an option so I’ll try that tomorrow. Nobody has moved my cursor today. I think I will give Microsoft a call too and see what they think. I haven’t discussed this with them, only with the Geek Squad.

This paragraph raises a very red flag with me. My understanding is that Microsoft never does such things, but quite a few scammers do claim to be Microsoft when trying to gain access to your system. A moderately-computer-literate friend got infected with ransomware a few months ago, thanks to a phone call "from Microsoft" on which he acted and let them in. Fortunately he was able to recover his data without paying the ransom, but it cost him a couple of hundred dollars to a disk recovery service to get it back!
Jim Kyle

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·Cox HSI

Not knowing if MS does this, I could not respond to my friend at all on that basis. I will say what raises my hackles is the Geek Squad, but I cannot tell anyone not to use them after buying from them. I just wouldn't let them do anything over the phone, but that's just me. I realize scammers do claim to be from MS. I've hung up on too many of them to count! With your doubt about MS, I will make sure that my friend reads as this thread goes on with people making suggestions. Thank you.

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