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R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise

Friendly, WV
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Not allowed to reply to or view specific forums

Example: »Comcast Direct

I am currently not able to view any of the threads at the link above. Is it because I am banned from parts of DSLR? I don't see a "heymods" anywhere(as described here: »please unlock a thread, I'd like to post an update ) and yes I tried reloading the link and even cleaning my browser cache so that is not the issue.

The page seems to load up just perfectly fine right now so its not a connection problem and my adobe and java seems to be working correctly. All plugins are working. The browser I am using is FF 27.0.1 (up to date)

Here is all I see:
You cannot read topics created by other members in this forum

However you are free to create your own topic. You can do that by pressing BACK then NEW TOPIC.

If you are still confused as to how this works, please read the forum header, and click the RULES button..

I can create topics but I just want to view already made topics, not make new ones.
I hope your reading this papap. You were as kind, sweet and easy going person I ever met.
You no longer have to suffer from all the pain you had when down here on earth.
I love you.

R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise 8/9/45-11/21/13

R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise

Friendly, WV
I think I "some how" figured it out. It's a private part of DSLR so it is'nt open to everyone, just specific members(probably premium), right?

Here is the public one i am guessing: »Comcast HSI

Plate Spinner
Toronto, ON

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reply to diablo1892
You got part of it right it's open to all members but you can only read your own threads. All the direct forums are set up this way since account information is posted there each thread is private.

Yes your second post is the public forum.