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Etobicoke, ON

Bell Fibe 25/10 only cuts out during certain circumstance

Hi everyone, first time poster here.

I stream to Twitch daily. I use Open Broadcaster Software(OBS). My signal used to cut out a lot while streaming when I first got Bell Fibe. Now it is much more stable. Not sure why. Must be some kind of maintenance they did on the line. What would happen was my internet would cut out over all devices and I would have to reboot the modem(Sagemcom). Anyways, onto my main issue now.

I recently purchased a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro device to stream my PS3 to Twitch. However I can only stream for about 20-30 minutes @ 720p before my internet cuts out on me. If I stream at 480p it lasts a bit longer but ends with the same result. I just get the slow spinning wheel in chrome until it times out. Then the usual restart modem and wait for DNS errors to go away.

Something else to note, last night I was streaming and watching a video and I noticed the video stopped playing so I refreshed multiple browser tabs and they would not load but I could still chat and my stream was still up(using OBS). After a few minutes the I was able to load web pages again.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated!


sounds like sync no surf.

contact bell via direct forum for an interleave profile

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GTA Canada
·Bell Fibe
reply to E_man
I would ask to be placed at the same speed profile but on a "FibeTV" profile if you are on a regular VDSL2 profile now. All FibeTV profiles have a level of "interleaving" or "error correction" but the latency is far lower than it used to be on ADSL profiles. I find roughly a 12ms delay to the first hop and have no issues playing online games. The Bell Direct forum can assist you with this.
My Canada includes Quebec.
Disclaimer: If I express an opinion, it is my own opinion, not that of Bell or its related companies.


Etobicoke, ON
Thank you very much for your response. I will contact Bell shortly and see if I can get this sorted.