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Preston, CT

[Install] Wi-fi for a church?

The church I attend is interested in having Wifi available everywhere throughout the building. I was looking at the Comcast Business WiFi page but it does not provide much information. They would like it to cover the whole building which would be 3 floors of at least 4000 sq ft. The church has its offices in a small converted ranch style home next to the main building and they currently have DSL but the main church building has no internet service. Thank you for any information you can provide on this process.


Mount Juliet, TN

[Install] Re: Wi-fi for a church?

This might be a question best suited for the "Comcast Direct" forum.

I can't speak for how Comcast does Wifi, but it's likely any solution will include wiring for each floor. Depending on how many square feet and walls on each floor there may be multiple wifi access-points. Each of those access points will be wired directly to a Router that will then connect to Comcast's modem.

Snohomish, WA
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You could call and ask for a bid.

You probably find it (much) cheaper to have a separate contractor/consultant install several AP's (hard wired) according to projected usage in each area, throughout the church building with a line back to the church office/server/firewall and just have Comcast install a standard business line at the office, at whatever speed you, the consultant, and Comcast agree is adequate to serve the WLAN.
you should of course make sure Comcast includes serving both buildings on the contract. I would like to think the actual Wi-Fi use during services would be minimal. and the general need pretty light at church but I know concentrating on ONE thing for an hour is an old school idea.


Antioch, TN
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you should first make sure Comcast services the church/area, then I would suggest, instead of using their wifi, install your own wifi router, then get a few wireless access points (WAPs) connected to the router, ideally with ethernet. Possibly 1 on each floor, for instance. It might be something you should look into having installed, by a local cable/data networking specialist.

Troy Mcclure

Portland, OR
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united state
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Re: [Install] Wi-fi for a church?

In a recent conversation with a Comcast Business representative at a church IT event, the impression I got about Comcast's business WiFi is that it's a guest WiFi service that Comcast users could log into with their residential Comcast credentials. I was unclear if it could provide free WiFi to non-Comcast customers, or if it could also provide a second, protected SSID for internal (e.g. staff, a/v systems) use.

For what it's worth, my church does our own WiFi because we want open, DNS-filtered access for guests and secure, less filtered access for staff and technical systems.

In a smaller church, UniFi can work well. It can also do well in a mid- to larger-sized church, if client density and throughput requirements will not be too high.

Disclaimer: I installed a small UniFi system at the small church I attend, which also uses Comcast Business class for internet and phone service.