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brighthouse sux

My internet not work for days.


Tucson, AZ

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Very descriptive and detailed post. I am sure your problem will be quickly resolved with these details.


Brooksville, FL
reply to cablenot

said by cablenot :

My internet not work for days.

Did you come here to vent or for help with your problem?


reply to cablenot

Being very vague about the problem isn't going to allow us to help you in any way...

To start with could you please post your modem stats by going to »

If you are cooperative with us then we will try and help you as best as we can

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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to cablenot

Re: brighthouse sux

Thanks guys... hopefully he will not be bashful and give us the rest of the story so it can be resolved.

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·Bright House
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Re: brighthouse sux

Well no matter what things will happen and equipment will break. The question is whether or not they solve things in a timely manner when it is their problem. You need to give us more info for us to decide that.

As far as them sucking they are better than many others. But I would say their weak points are customer service and pricing. Customer service has improved over the last five years but pricing has been steadily going downhill in the last three years with all the sneaky extra fees and price increases. You now have to look out for the asterisk with BHN where you did not have to do that before (in fact that was one of their marketing points in commercials for a while). Now you have the $4 modem fee, the $6 late fee, and the $1 paper billing fee plus any box fees, etc. The positive thing about them is they do offer ample higher speeds at an increased cost.


Jacksonville, NC

Hmm... let's see.

$4 Modem fee / i.e. Company is not eating the cost of the equipment and its maintanance any more.

$6 Late fee / i.e. Customer should be penalized for being late with with payment (its the defacto accepted rule worldwide).

$1 paper billing fee / if your unwilling to join the 21st century and use a PDF / Email (where you can print your own bill), then you should pay.

Of course I'm just speculating, but given that's how I would run my business if I ran one (why give the cow with the milk?) I'm fairly certain that's what the corporate finance department and / or accounting department probably feels as well.