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Titanfall issues

Hey all,

Anyone have issues from a fios connection when playing titanfall on xbox one?
I get a decent ping to the datacenter usually 16-25ms but in game i get three bars or less.

I sent a tweet to Jon Shiring whom works at Respawn games and he said it was some routing issues on verizon's side.

A couple other people said on twitter they were having the same problem.

Another question is who would i contact with this issue. I assume the normal customer service people at verizon wouldn't have a clue what I am talking about.


Brooklyn, NY
Verizon might want a piece of cake from developers too now....


united state
·Verizon FiOS
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To who you can talk with, not sure. It would be someone that manages the backbone and peering as well. A buddy of mine was doing the backbone engineering for FiOS until 2010 but is no longer with VZ. His home office was covered with network maps. Pretty interesting stuff. My contacts within VZ said they are working on making it better but don't have an ETA.

Routing is usually an issue for me on VZ. Example: I have a site that has both a BrightHouse connection and a VZ FiOS connection that connects back to my data center. The BH connection is around 15 ms and the VZ connection is around 43 ms.

Your ping times are better than mine. I am usually around 43 - 50ms in Titanfall. I like to win as well when playing. I find that some games are good and other are not so good. Overall, it is just a game.
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said by m3nphls:

Verizon might want a piece of cake from developers too now....

haha was thinking the same thing actually with all the issues i've had with Netflix.


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Thanks for the info. I kinda figured its something that will just get fixed eventually and with really no one to contact.

Your right about it just being a game. Kinda why I haven't contacted VZ about it. It wouldn't be worth the effort.

Was just curious if others are having issues and if someone knows more than I, you never know on this forum.
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Re: Titanfall issues

to the top for ColdScottTea See Profile to reply.


Pittsburgh, PA
·Verizon FiOS
I am curious what people are seeing on this:


The best latency I can get is 70~ ms. It's my understanding, though I may be wrong, that Titanfall uses MS Azure.

Woodbridge, VA

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Titanfall is working great with both of my XBOnes using FiOS. My Ping times are between 7ms and 15ms and I always have all bars lit when in game.


Huntington Beach, CA

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I believe the issue is mainly for people on the West coast as the traffic is being routed to DC regardless of what server you're connected to.


Huntington Beach, CA
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I found a Reddit post that relates to this which I'll summarize below.

The OP ran a tracert and discovered the game data was being sent all the way to DC (I'm in LA connecting to the LA server). I also spoke to Jon Shiring @ Respawn; he said, "Verizon FIOS is routing traffic through DC. Most likely to save money, but it's a terrible decision" and "The normal explanation of why is that they (Verizon FIOS) will get a cheaper peering agreement with some ISP on Mae East and route their traffic through that ISP to save money, rather than pay the higher peering costs for whatever ISPs they peer with on MAE West."

I contacted Verizon Support and they had me run a tracert for them. They said "There is no issue on the Verizon Network end. We cannot control the routing."
1. Is that true?
2. Is there any chance of getting this fixed?

The OP of the Reddit post suggested using a VPN so I tried that. I got a free 3 day trial of Avast. It worked for the most part. My ping was cut in half, but the game skipped frequently; even so I could notice significant changes in game thanks to the low ping. Much easier to play when you're on the same level as your opponent.

I decided to purchase a month of a better VPN service to see if I could get rid of the skipping issue. I tried PureVPN and it works very well. Great ping, no skipping; except I can only stay connected to the Titanfall servers for about 10 minutes before I get kicked for timing out. I'm new to VPNs so I could be doing something wrong. I tried all 3 protocols and can't fix the issue.

So that's where I'm at now.
3. Any body have any ideas?

Thanks for reading,


Huntington Beach, CA
Well if you're looking for a way around this VyprVPN is working perfectly for me. There's a free 3 day trial so you can test it out. I've been playing all night with no problems and an average ping of 32. Good stuff.

Independence, OH
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They can easily control there routing by using links or settings in there routers.