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Chicago, IL

Home Wiring: Innerduct Cable Conduit

Riser Corrugated Innerduct Cable Conduit

I would like to run ethernet and coax in the house and would like to run them in conduit.
Where is the cheapest place to get 1.25 or 1.5 diameter?

Kennesaw, GA

I've only found it reliably from electrical supply house, and usually the minimum order is 250 ft or more for 3/4 inch, 50 feet or more 1" and above...

Home Depot used to sell 3/4 in 25' sections, but I haven't seen them carry it in a couple years. (although they carry the high voltage version (read: Same thing different color) in 1/2" and 3/4" in large supply)

If you are running to wall outlets, pick up the resi-guard line in 3/4" is is the most available and easier to work with as branch lines.

In my house I did a 2" chase from basement to attic, and 3/4 in the walls.

When Home Depot stopped carrying resi-guard, I found it on amazon through some third party sellers in small quantities. anything larger I stop by the supply house since they allow employees to buy personal stuff under our business account status.


Milwaukee, WI
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said by adamtech78:

Where is the cheapest place to get 1.25 or 1.5 diameter?

I haven't bought anything from them recently, but I never had a problem buying anything at Graybar for cash or credit. Without an account, they would require prepayment for anything they would have to order in. They probably have it all in Joliet. I can recall only a handful of special order items that I had to wait for longer than a day or two.

They won't be as cheap as finding a "reel end" from a commercial contractor, so start calling around if you want ... or if you're nice enough, you can just mention casually at a supplier how much you're looking for, and one of the counter men/women might just know which of their customers could sell you a leftover quantity. It's worked for me before.
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I plan on running surface mounted moulding from ceiling down to the box I think.
Maybe I should run a fatter initial pipe...
My one room upstairs has so weak signal I loose wifi all together at times, and throughput does not allow for streaming video.

Too many loud neighbors.
I want to setup another router (have one in basement) on second floor.

John Galt
Forward, March
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One problem with installing this (in fact all 'smurf tube' and flexible conduits) is that you can make the bends far sharper than you can pull though. You want to have bends as sweeping as possible.

Remember, once the walls are covered, you have no access to it...