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Morganton, NC

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Setting up Wireless AP in a restaurant.

I have a client who wants to offer wifi to his customers in his restaurant but is concerned about someone hacking into his POS system.

I am looking for a hardware solution that will allow setting up two separate networks, one for the public and help keep the POS system more secure. The POS system is all wired, but both will be using the same DSL for internet access.

I would like to find an appliance to do this under $500.

Any suggestions?
Best of luck

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Cheapest way would be two routers, one behind the other... the 1st router plugs into
the DSL and feeds the wireless. The 2nd connects to the business' POS.

Another way is this article at smallnetbuilder.com.

If they want REALLY REALLY cheap and simple, get a wireless router that supports
a function called "guest VLAN / wireless." Smallnetbuilder would be the place I'd start
searching for that.

There's DIY and prosumer stuff I'd suggest, but that depends on a (personal) comfort
and technical support level if you want to go down that route.

Also, and I can't stress this enough, ONCE this is installed, PHYSICAL SECURITY IS PARAMOUNT, i.e. lock it in a cabinet somewhere or put it in the roof tiles, and not someplace where someone unattended can get at it.

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Canon City, CO

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reply to jtudor

You could look into a Buffalo Air Station Extreme AC 1750. It has a feature can isolate either the wireless or the guest wireless or both from the wired lan. A good router and not too expensive.

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Dartmouth, NS

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reply to jtudor

I would recommend the Zyxel UAG4100, you could use its WIFI for area coverage in its location and add APs (wired back to it) for additional coverage. Its purpose designed to be plugNplay and allow customers to access wifi based on your options for time allowed (could be based on value of purchase of goods, a straight buy of wifi time, or for free). A ticket based system per customer or password of the day could be used for controlling access. It has BWM tools to ensure equitable usage (no hogging of internet) Suggest having a read through the UG..........

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Knox, IN

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reply to jtudor

Shoot, even the Netgear 2200v3 has Guest wifi that's isolated, and an option to isolate ALL wifi..

Will that be 'good enough'? I dunno, but I wouldnt really trust a setup like that. You could unbridge the WLAN from the LAN in a single router and create a new subnet, and depending on the router used, separate DHCPs. DD-WRT has this feature: »www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Se···and_WLAN

Or, use 3 routers - 2 wired, one wireless.. One behind the modem with the other two 2 on separate subnets connected to it.. »superuser.com/questions/569710/h···s-access

The Lan Man
Greenville, SC
reply to jtudor

I recently just did this for a business. Any decent router will work, just make sure to set the DHCP lease time very short. I set it to 2 hours. If you do not do this, the DHCP table will get filled up and no new clients will be able to get an ip address.
I can explain it to you, but I cant understand it for you.


Portsmouth, VA
·Cox HSI

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reply to jtudor

If you want to try this out unless you like to use WiFi as long as you want for your group of employees and group of guests. There is solution as I know about Wifi access point and router with Ubiquiti EdgeMax and Unifi. Here's link: »www.ubnt.com/products/

Ubiquiti EdgeMax and Unifi use VLAN to separate between employees and guests group include captive portal for guest to agreement to access internet or use username and password. You may need Ubnt POE Switch in case if you plan to install multiple UAP.

It does not require separate controller like Cisco or Aruba. The controller software is include to control Unifi, clients lists, bandwidth usage, and many features. It is pretty cool to use that product.

To fit your suit needs, I suggest you to evaluate to fit your needs to make sure if they like the product or not. Hope you like it!