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Stone Mountain, GA
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Re: [Tools] Getting the water out of my air lines

The air condenses when it cools. It can also condense after a drop in pressure.

Cheap compressors do not cool the air much and even worse, the output, tank and compressor all may be in one manifold. So hot air from the compressor goes straight out the output,

Cheap compressors also have restrictive 1/4" regulators; probably why the impact never did much. You need a 3/8" or 1/2" regulator and 3/8 hoses to get enough flow to run any serious air tool.

Other than putting a cooling coil on the compressor and replacing the regulator with one that has a good trap on it, there is not a lot you can do.

My old compressor used to output a lot of water. I had a second filter/regulator at the end of my hose that I used to set in a box as a stand and then a 15' hose to my gun.

Forget the Horror Freight separators; they are useless and you get what you pay for. All my stuff is Norgren. The tool port is all 1/2" fittings; my spraying port is 3/8" with a second filter. Never any water at the gun.
Scott Henion

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Edgewater, FL
That's something I need to look into. See what size fittings are in the lines...

North, VA
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All compressors cheap or the very large Ingersol-Rand 1000 hp multi-stage rotaries output water depending on the humidity, temp and volume the compressor is operating at. Sometimes a lot of water. Air coolers and water separators are the solution.

Edgewater, FL
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reply to shdesigns
said by shdesigns:

Cheap compressors do not cool the air much and even worse, the output,

From looking at the picture of the compressor, the air goes into the tank. There is then a separate fitting for the air to come out. However, that fitting might be 1/4".... Will have to physically look at the compressor tomorrow.

As for the impact, it was the cheapie HF one. I took it to my friend's auto shop and he tried it... still didn't do much of nothing.

The Snap-On guy says I could use the new impact with moisture in the line, but I would need to oil it more frequently. I am going to err on the side of caution and try to dry it up first...

For reference, the compressor is part #67847.
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