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Home of the BeaChi Boys
Saint Louis, MO

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[Serious] A story... with an ending...

Once up a time, a long time ago, there was a little Beagle dog running loose up in north-central Missouri, in a little town named Eolia. Everyone fed her, but nobody could catch her. She became pregnant, had a litter of puppies, and everyone in town continued to put food scraps out for her. The local vet trailed the little Beagle dog to her den after the puppies were born, and rescued the puppies when they were old enough to leave their momma. However, nobody could catch the little Beagle dog.

In late summer of the year 1997, there was a gal named Jo, who was traveling back and forth between Eolia and New Melle, farm-sitting the horses, dogs, and cats, while both farm owners were away at a week-long horse show in Louisville, Kentucky. One night, late at night, on the way back to the farm north of Eolia, Jo came around a bend in the road, and there was a little Beagle dog sitting in the middle of the road. It was a 2-lane country road, and it was pitch black out that night. Jo beeped at the little dog, but it didn't move. She moved the car up closer to the little dog, and it still wouldn't move. So she very carefully changed lanes to go around the little dog, and it got up and changed lanes too. This went on for several minutes. Jo finally decided to get out and see if she could catch the little dog, and get it out of the road before it got hit. A hamburger did the trick, after spending a good 20 minutes sitting in the road and moving slowly toward the little dog. Jo gently lifted the little dog into her lap, carried her into the car, and then continued on to the farm; there were still horses to feed and care for. Baling twine was quickly turned into a temporary collar and leash. After the horses were cared for, Jo fed the little Beagle dog, and then both went to bed; no doubt it was the little Beagle dog's first time in a bed.

The next morning, after the horse care was done, Jo took the little Beagle dog to the local vet. The vet immediately demanded to know how Jo had caught the little dog, and was told the story that had happened the night before. Jo was astounded that the local people had been trying to capture the little dog for at least six months, but nobody had been able to get the job done. Jo arranged for a Heartworm test, shots, and for the little dog to be spayed the next day; she had decided to keep the little dog, after hearing her story. She named her Miss Eo, after the little town where she found her. The vet determined that the little Beagle dog was no more than a year old at that time; too young to be running wild and be in survival mode, and having puppies.

After the little Beagle dog was spayed, vaccinated, and cleared to head home, Jo took Miss Eo back to the farm/s with her, where the little dog learned to ride in the car, and how to walk on a leash. At the end of the week, Miss Eo went home with Jo, to start a new life as a pet. Housebreaking was the ordeal from hell; it went on for months, and Jo was about to get ready to give up on Miss Eo, as she hadn't been able to get Miss Eo to stop pottying in the house. She told her one night, "If you don't start going potty outside, you're going to have to go to the pound." The next morning, Miss Eo went to the door and scratched to go outside. From then on, there were no more housebreaking issues.

Miss Eo's name rapidly became Missey, and she had kitties and other dogs to live with at Jo's house. In no time at all, she became a very happy and well-adjusted little Beagle dog. However, she was an escape artist, and there were many times that she got loose, and the only way to catch her was with either bologna or a hot dog! And then there was the escapade when she got loose in the hills of Hermann, while Jo was visiting a friend at her farm. Missey ran wild in the hills, chasing deer, while Jo and Brenda searched desperately on horseback for Missey. Three days later, Missey came in on her own; she was covered in ticks, and her feet were sliced to ribbons, after running on shale for three days. Brenda and Jo removed all the ticks, gave Missey multiple baths, and Jo took Missey to the vet to have her feet stitched up. She healed up very nicely.

Throughout the years, there were many adventures, and Missey and Jo, along with the other pets, spent many, many happy days together. Over the years, some of the dogs and kitties left, and other dogs and kitties came. Missey, always happy to have a new friend, was the epitome of graciousness whenever another pet arrived.

Missey really began to show her age early last year, to the point where Jo could put her outside off-leash and let Missey just amble around the yard -- under supervision, of course. She had the beginnings of cataracts in her eyes, and was definitely losing her hearing. However, she was still housebroken, and still ate well. She never got sick, and only went to the vet for her annual vaccinations, up until a couple of years ago.

A few weeks ago, Missey developed a slight cough. It increasingly became worse, and Jo became worried that Missey was developing congestive heart failure. A trip to the vet was definitely in order.

To continue, now that you know the background story.

Missey's heart was excellent, no heart murmur at her age, and her lungs were clear. Upon palpation, my vet discovered a large tumor attached to Missey's windpipe, hence the coughing, and it was affecting her ability to breathe. Doc said it was definitely a cancerous tumor, and surgery wasn't an option for my little girl, due to her advanced age. So I made the most incredibly difficult decision ever -- and Missey died in my arms at 5pm this afternoon. I am devastated, having had my little Beagle dog for over 17 years; I've never had a dog as long as I've had Missey -- and she chose me. My heart is breaking tonight, and I can't stop crying.

Please enjoy the pictures of Missey, my beautiful "Little Beagle Dog".

Thank you.


Missey and best friend, Pie, Fall 2009

Missey, Fall 2009

Girls on the leather couch, 2010

Missey in the front yard, 2010

Missey on her couch, Fall 2010

Missey, always asleep under my desk, Spring 2013

Missey and Manny, working dogs, Spring 2013

Missey in the snow, Jan 2014


"...If the beasts were gone, we would die from a great loneliness of spirit." - Chief Seattle



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Jo, my heart goes out to you on this very sad day. What a lovely story and tribute about a sweet little dog that chose you, and only you, to entrust its life to and to find safety and the utmost in love that traveled both ways, between each of you over all these years. Allow me to say, that bond and love will continue, as Missy is still with you, watching out over you; and, one day soon you two will embrace each other again.
Love you, Jo.
Love you, Miss Missy.

Your Cincinnati friend, Mary d. aka 'Dobie'


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reply to jopfef
I'm so sorry, Jo!

RIP, Missey Eo! You had a good life.

Crunch Addict
Harrison Township, MI

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reply to jopfef
The loss of a loved one is never easy.

Joliet, IL

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reply to jopfef
Jo, My Heart goes out to you & that beautiful looking dog. RIP Missey Eo!!! I haven't cried like that in a while but after reading this story I just had too.

cacatne alces in silvis?
Out Grazing

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reply to jopfef
My condolences, Jo.

Sounds like she was a wonderful beagle friend.
May the happy memories help you cope with your loss.

Runs from Clowns

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reply to jopfef
I am so sorry for the pain of your loss, JoJo.

Missey could not have found a better home. Nobody could love an animal "betterer" than you. If I were a doggie or a kitty, I would try with all my might to be yours.

Sending gentle hugs across the miles, wishing I could take the hurt away.
Join Team Helix

Santa Fe
Man is an animal that wants to exist.
Freight Yard

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reply to jopfef
I'm SO sorry to hear of your loss. No puppy could have had a better rescuer than you & I'm sure she knew it all the time she was your companion.
sudo is dangerous but root is death!

Don't Litter. Spay-Neuter.

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reply to jopfef
You and Missey were lucky to have so much time together but it's never long enough. Please accept my condolences, Jo.

Rest In Peace, Missey.

Deep Thought
Coello, IL

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reply to jopfef
So sorry, Jo.

Department Of Redundancy Department
Off Center

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reply to jopfef
So sorry to hear of your loss Jo. Wishing you the best...


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reply to jopfef
My sympathies, Jo. Both you and Missey were very lucky.
Things are more like they used to be than they are now.

Don't Follow Me, I'M Lost Too
Wilmington, IL

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reply to jopfef
Jo you have my sympathies and deepest condolences. Like everyone else has said, losing a loved one is never easy. You had a long and happy relationship so cherish that and all the good memories and fun times you had together. She will never really be gone. She will be watching over you to make sure you're OK, and she will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for you.
You don't quit playing 'cause you're OLD. You're old BECAUSE you quit playing!!

Bless you Howie

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reply to jopfef
So sorry, ma'am.