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Can't login for port forwarding

I recently installed Debian Linux Wheezy on my netbook, and have recently been having problems. A friend told me that there is a way that he can connect to my computer with his using some program whose name I don't recall, and that to do so, I would need to open a port on my wireless router. When i got home, I tried googling it and following the steps that I was presented with on multiple sites, they're all ones for the comtrend Nexuslink 5631, which is the exact router model I have. My service provider is Illinois Consolidated, and the past two routers we've gotten from them, we've had a bit of trouble with, but not too much. However, when I opened a page in Iceweasel, and put in the default route, after I typed "admin" into the password box, the exact same login prompt just appeared once again, without even logging into the interface. I tried it quite a few times, and even tried my WAP password, but still, nothing. Is there a way that I could find out my login? Do I have to contact customer support? Or am I doing something wrong? I've never tried connecting to the interface before, and I really need to get some things fixed on my computer before the rest of my family can really use it for anything. The internet works just fine, pretty fast, in fact. The friend I mentioned is a professional with working with computers, but unfortunately, I can't get a hold of him right now.

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San Jose, CA

1 recommendation

Does Illinois Consolidated serve any part of California?
Does Sonic.net serve any part of Illinois?

Just a bit confused, here.
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Sonic issues the Comtrend Nexuslink 5631 to dual-line bonded Fusion customers. I'm guessing icorey2014 See Profile is expecting that some Sonic users may be familiar with this modem/router (not unreasonably so).

OP, the default username/password for administration of the 5631 depends on the installed firmware version. It obviously also depends on whether or not the password was changed during the initial modem setup (which is highly recommended).

If the 5631 still has the original username and password it might be:
1.) no username and password "admin"
2.) username "admin" and password "admin"
3.) username "root" and password "12345"
4.) username "1234" and password "1234"

All of the above are well known username/password combinations used at one time or another by Comtrend and therefore nothing secret. The fact that they are well known however is also the reason it is best to change the password to something only you know.

Please also understand that when you setup port forwarding on your router it may not only let your friend get access but other people too.
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