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South Bend, IN

[memory] SD card became unreadable - why?

I have a Transcend 8GB class 10 in a Panasonic/Lumix digital camera (point and shoot). I had shot hundreds of pictures on it when the camera stopped recognizing the card. Couldn't be read by a card reader either. I found some software and was able to recover the pictures before I re-formatted it.

The camera is relatively new and I have never used a Transcend brand card before (or an SDHC card or a class 10 card.)

What would you suspect was the most likely culprit in screwing up the card: the camera or something in the card itself? I will be carrying a spare card or two before my next trip.

Belleville, IL

Could be either the card, camera, or mishandling (such as removing the card with the camera on). In any event, until/unless it happens again, I wouldn't worry about it.
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Kansas City, MO
reply to lmacmil

I've had this happen before, question: did you format the card originally on the camera or the pc? I had a camera (some off brand digital) that would work 80% of the time if the card wasn't formatted on the camera itself.

I have had several cameras good and bad do this to a card when the card is ejected while in use... simple workaround: power down camera always before ejecting the card.


Edmonds, WA
reply to lmacmil

Another thing I would look at is if you have a computer with an SD Card reader I would stick the card in and see if the computer recognizes it. You may want to run a chkdsk on it if formatted FAT32 or NTFS (presuming said compter is running some flavor of Windows)
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South Bend, IN
reply to dib22

said by dib22:

did you format the card originally on the camera or the pc?
power down camera always before ejecting the card.

I don't recall but I did format it in the camera once I recovered my pictures. I never remove the card with the camera on, so that wasn't the issue.


Old Timer

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Put one in my shirt pocket and forgot it there. It went through the wash and dryer with no problems. Everything was still on it!!

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