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Omaha, NE

HELP Terrible CG3000 wireless modem QoS assistance

OK i need help because i'm about to lose it.

I have been experiencing extreme latency issue in game and while browsing whenever my friend uses pandora on his CELLPHONE or watches Netflix or even turns on his Smart T.V. At first I figured it was my ISP but soon realized there was a pattern between clean connection when he was away and terrible lag when he was home on a device. He does not understand how important ping is for gaming and all he does is watch videos and tv shoes which naturally you can just let it buffer. SO, I found out about QoS settings to control and prioritize bandwidth, HOWEVER this darn modem doesn't even have the option!!! like whyyy!???

Any help with prioritizing my computer or assigning ports would be AMAZING. thanks!


Rutherfordton, NC

1 recommendation

That is because Modem/Router Combos DON`T have that. You will want a Modem and a Separate Router.