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reply to LittleBill

Re: [Appliances] Need to know where to get my gasget's from.

said by LittleBill:

im not sure why you took the head off, but if its going to sit for a very long time, put the head back on and fill the cylinder with oil to the top, and fill the dipstick to the top as well.

a bag will not stop rust

just make sure to drain the oil from everything when your ready to use it again

appreciate it.. Should i just let the air filter air out outside over a while? Also, would it hurt the cylinder if i were to spray carb cleaner in it? i don't see how it can hurt it since it just takes care of the dirt and grease.
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yes let it sit in the sun for a while

since you have the carb off just spray the carb through all the orifices and let it dry.

you don't need to spray anything in the cylinder, but it won't hurt it. that said too much and you will need to let it evaporate since it will be very rich till it drys