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reply to HiVolt

Re: Cannot upgrade to 150/10 service??!

said by HiVolt:

The modem is approved, except not for 150/10 speeds due to Rogers restrictions. These restrictions are imposed on all TPIA providers like TekSavvy.

The modem is Docsis 3.0, but it only supports a 4x4 channel bonding configuration. Your modem is allowed up to speeds of 45/4. As of now, Rogers only allows 8x4 bonding modems for 150/10.

Mind you this is also changing very soon as well, Rogers will be imposing even more restrictions on which modems can get the new upgraded tiers, and your SB6120 may not even be allowed to get 45meg package. Rumors are that Rogers will require a new type of modem that is 24x8 channel bonding capable for new tiers, and there isnt any indication what packages 4x4 and 8x4 modems will be allowed on.

My advice is do not purchase any modems now if you want to upgrade your speed, but wait until the modem situation is clarified.

This forced obsolescence is bullshit.
Does Teksavvy at least have a trade-in program? My current modem becomes nothing more than an expensive paper weight if not.

This is why renting isn't such a bad idea.. you never have to worry about crap!

HMM.. Rogers now has 150/15 (unlimited) for $110.99/mo. Maybe time to switch..


Scarborough, ON

8x4 is now the minimum on the Rogers side. Wouldn't be surprised if they require this on TPIA as well.

Also it's extremely risky and costly for TPIAs who offer a prepaid service to run a rental program.

Montreal, QC
reply to adam_s

said by adam_s :

This forced obsolescence is bullshit.

It's not forced obsolescence. 4x4 modems hitting 150 meg would completely saturate the node for everybody else (4 channels will only do ~152 meg). That's simply not practical.
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