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cyber gutter

free market!!

Its not a free market when backroom deals make it a monopoly.

Well we can imagine(must be documentation somewhere) that the first cableco's business plan was to offer consumers a cleaner TV signal for those at the fringes of the transmission or in signal interference zones.

So the TV stations(who have to broadcast that FREE!!!! signal), decided that the cablco was a moocher and "how dare the cableco provide easy access to the commercials without paying a kickback and the cableco getting a nice profit with a legitimate business model".

Eventually the TV stations work out a deal, that the cableco gets a direct hardwire connected signal to rebroadcast, while paying a fee for that privilege.

Fast forward to now. The TV stations are crying that their shows stink to heaven(because potential money laundering hidden as 'production costs') and they can't charge higher ad fees because reasons. And the need to increase profits from a dying business model that refuses to modernize.

If the networks were to go to an Internet only signal transmission business model, the cableco has its TV channel revenue die and has to shift to Internet only for profits. Provided that GB caps are not lowered, to prevent Internet only viewing of the 6 shows you actually watch per year.

Cableco, TV network collude to make sure that any change to the system is prevented.
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Monroe, MI
There was a time when local TV stations raised such a stink over the growing popularity of cable "pay" TV that they demanded that they have a place on the system for fear of going out of business.

For years, they received a free ride when their content was actually worth something. Now their content sucks and they want to be paid for it.