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Should be free, stop saying they should pay cause others do, not the same...

All of you saying they should have to pay if DirecTV, Comcast etc. do are fools.

For starters, those providers are paying for "bundles" of channels.
Aereo is ONLY providing what is free, OTA anyway.
They are not including 20 other channels per network like cable is.
That said, it's not cable/sat fault, they are forced or the networks don't let them "rebroadcast".
BUT if this is not struck down, it COULD change all of that and allow better pricing because your local cable/sat COULD now explore doing the same thing and not be forced to bundle crap people don't want which would be good for price.

That is why cable and sat. are charged, because they are forced to buy all the other crap none of us watch in order to get the channels.

And having close worked with these setups before, almost every company, Comcast, AT&T, DirecTV etc. do NOT use the OTA feed to pump to the subscribers. It's either provided via hardline or they receive it via satellite.

OTA is highly compressed which you can see depending on the content the network is streaming.
Cable and Sat get different feeds that, while may still be MPEG2 like OTA, have VERY different compression which gives them much better quality.

Compare a DirecTV local channel to OTA, you will see the difference, especially if fast motion is involved.

Southeast TN

said by Anno :

Compare a DirecTV local channel to OTA, you will see the difference, especially if fast motion is involved.

DirectTV and Dish Network are probably bad examples of that, due to them compressing the crap out of everything from needing to deal with the limited transponder space they have to work with to transmit everything that they need to get out there. Cable manages to get the upper hand here due to having more bandwidth, and a more efficient transport modulation to boot (QAM VS PSK).

To me a lot of the stuff I see on small dish systems are on par with OTA, and much worse than cable in the digital tiers, especially in HD. I know that is for sure in our system.