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Lake, MI

What is going on? modem, radio, router or NOC?

Have been having problems for last week with slowness, inability to connect to web/mail. Signal is high 60's, 5 lights. Control center will show web acceleration as: connected then inactive/ non operational. Green then yellow status as degraded. Hourly diagnostics will show "uplink" or "uplink queuing" red X hours on end. Then during early morning it'll work fine. Have checked all the connections, clean and tight. Happens during the daytime hours mostly. Help?
Hughesnet/isp.com/HN7000/Satmex5/1050,3 desktops( 1 XP,2 Vista) ,3 laptops,static dish,1 portable dish

West Mich.
Right now the entire Hughes network is dragging.
Your sig line says 7000 system so the best you can do is doing a turbopage teardown in the hopes of connecting to an acceleration server that isn't so busy.

That signal strenght of 60 doesn't leave much "headroom" for weather related issues.
Have you tryed a "push/pull" test ?


Lake, MI
reply to krwest
Haven't updated signature lately, should say 1065 for freq.
Yes, did push pull, dish is solid.
Uplink is showing Red X's since 9. One 16 hour period showed 14 with red X
Signal strength is 69. Have removed router and had single RC connected with same results. Have power cycled modem. Forced ranged it last night.
Signal Strength

Note: Signal Strength is not an indicator of browsing speed. Precipitation can affect Signal Strength. If you do not see a red flag next to any of the status messages on this page, you should be able to browse the Internet successfully.
Receive Status Receiver operational. (RxCode 5)
Transmit Status

Transmitter ready. (TxCode 8)
Software Download Status

All files are up-to-date.
Service Status

Commissioned [Keys updated]
TCP Acceleration Status

Web Acceleration Status

Operational; Upstream Addr:
Diagnostics Code

Fair Access Policy Threshold Exceeded

Hughesnet/isp.com/HN7000/Satmex5/1050,3 desktops( 1 XP,2 Vista) ,3 laptops,static dish,1 portable dish


Whitehorse, YT
reply to krwest
Having problems since yesterday. System goes off (tx10) and on. A force range brings it up, but only for a short time. I know of at least 2 other customers with exact the same problem. They are on the same satellite (127w), same transponder(1381). So I feel comfortable to say that there is nothing wrong on our ends especially the problem started at the same time. Anybody else here having the same issue?
HN7000S/.98m/2watt/Horizon1/1381 /Asus wireless/Thinkpad XP pro/Toughbook CF-28 XP pro/Asus P53e, Win7Pro.


Lake, MI
reply to krwest
Since I posted it kept acting up so I moved the dish assembly thinking that neighbors tree was in the line of sight. After realignment it still was acting strange. I had a spare radio arm so I installed that. Signal strength peaked up 10 points. All seemed good, except the signal would jump anywhere from 84 to 63. Yesterday I went back up and found dish wasn't bolted tight to roof. Did that and to seemed all was good. Then it rained. Control center showed green but mail wouldn't load and web surfing was slow. Checked diagnostics and had red X's in the queuing uplink again. Checked this morning and had 9 hours of X's. Now running normal. Any ideas what to look for next?
Hughesnet/isp.com/HN7000/Satmex5/1065,2 desktops( 2 Vista) ,2 laptops, static dish,1 portable dish