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Bay Area

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traffic violation courtesy notice

Guys, I know there is a right to contest the traffic ticket for speeding by Trial by Declaration. I have done it 7 years ago but I cannot remember exactly the steps. On the courtesy notice, I see the followings:
1.Pay (forfeit) the bail amount. This will close the citation and report the conviction to your driver’s license record.
2.Submit the signed "Certificate of Correction" with appropriate fee to the Court. Any police officer may sign-off most correctable violations. Violations of 16028 VC (automobile liability insurance) will only be dismissed upon: (1) showing or mailing evidence of financial responsibility (to the Court) which was valid at the time this notice to appear was issued, and (2) payment of a transaction fee. The California Department of Motor Vehicles may sign-off vehicle registration and driver license violations.
3.Sign-up with the Court and attend Traffic Violator School (TVS), if eligible. Classroom, home study, and online internet classes are available throughout California. NOTE: If you are eligible and decide not to attend Traffic Violator School, your automobile insurance may be adversely affected. One conviction in any 18-month period will be held confidential and not show on your driving record if you complete a Traffic Violator School. See below for further information regarding Traffic Violator School.
4.Request a Court trial. Please refer to the section below entitled "To contest Your Citation" for more information.

I already downloaded the form TR-205. So which of the 4 boxes do I check above? I do not see a box for "plead not guilty". Please respond if you know the steps.


Santa Rosa, CA


Bay Area
reply to crashnburn
sorry but I read many posts on the net but still a little confused. Do I check the box 4 "Request a Court Trial", then wait for the court noticed to be sent home? And by then I request for Trial by Declarations?

Fairfield, CA
reply to crashnburn
General questions:
How many MPH over the limit was the ticket written for? It depends on how much over as to whether you have a chance at beating the ticket.

Is Traffic School an option to clear this ticket?

You might win but you may also lose big if you contest the ticket. Can you deal with the consequences if you lose?
Depending on the MPH over your chances of beating a ticket are maybe 20% to much less than that as speed increases.


Bay Area
he clocked me over 15 mph. If I lose with TBD, then I can request for Trial de Nuvo and show up to court then. Depending on the judge mood, he may or may not grant me traffic school which I have not attend for over 12 years.


San Bruno, CA
reply to crashnburn
I believe you just file the TR-205 and don't do anything with the courtesy notice. It should be option 5, except they don't want you to know and exercise your rights If you are local, I would take an extra copy in and get the clerk to stamp it as filed so you have proof you did. You may get errant failure to appear notices if they are slow to process it.