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J Mencel


And the SAGA Continues

I have had Frontier Stand Alone Internet now for over a year in the city of Rochester, NY. Lets just say I have been treated like a customer that NEVER PAYS THEIR BILL! In fact I ALWAYS PAY MY BILL ON TIME OR EARLY, my credit with them is untouchable! Their customer service is rude, not trained properly, and an over-all unpleasant experience when dealing with them all-together. I pay my bill on time or early so I do not have to talk to them at all. You would think that would be a great relationship "WRONG"! After reporting the same problem with line two dropping, or the internet dropping out all-together over the past year, today I still have the same problems. However Frontier never seems to have problems taking my money EVERY MONTH, to pay for RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE, HANG UP CALLS WHEN I CALL ABOUT THE PROBLEMS, and lets state the new BS they are now trying to pull. They now have it documented on my account that the modem is unsupported.... LMFGDAO!.... THE MODEM IN QUESTION IS THEIR, "FV-2200" LAST TIME I CHECKED THAT IS THEIR EQUIPMENT! And now they are saying things like and I quote, " well Mam if you are unhappy with our service you can always go elsewhere.... IS IT ME, OR IS THAT THE RUDEST THING EVER TO SAY TO AN EXCELLENT PAYING CUSTOMER? Who the hell do these people think they are?.... I have a few choice versions of that but I will not say them here. No wonder why everyone is sooooo pissed off with them.... AND LETS FACE IT, ALL THEIR "CREDITS" DON'T EVEN COME CLOSE TO PAYING ME BACK FOR ALLLLLL THE DOWN-TIME. Here is something to think about FRONTIER..... AND LISTEN GOOD!.... IF YOU HAD THE SAME ISSUE WITH A COMPANY THAT DID YOU WRONG YOU WOULD WITHHOLD PAYMENT RIGHT? SO WHY ARE WE MEANT TO PAY FOR SERVICES WE ARE NOT GETTING, OR.... I LOVE THIS ONE.... "UP TO" LMAO "UP TO" IS NOT good business. UP TO MEANS WE WILL SEE IT NOW AND THEN..... WHY DON'T WE? MAYBE WE SHOULD JUST START PAYING FOR WHAT WE GET. IF WE DO NOT GET WHAT WE ARE PAYING FOR, THEN WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR THAT SERVICE. Frontier just remember..... what you do to your customers today, may show up in lack of profit later..... JUST A THOUGHT..... CUSTOMERS LIKE ME WHO PAY THEIR BILLS HAVE A LOT MORE WEIGHT BEHIND US THEN YOUR $HITTY SERVICE.... AND RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS.... YOU MIGHT WANT TO EDUCATE YOUR CATTLE ON HOW TO BETTER TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS..... THERE'S ANOTHER GREAT THOUGHT FRONTIER..... AND HERE IS THE BIG SLAM.... YOUR COMPANIES MUSCLE ONLY COMES FROM THE FACT THAT YOU IN SOME CASES ARE THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN FOR INTERNET, OR MAYBE ONE OTHER CHOICE.... NO OFFENSE FRONTIER YOU DON'T EVEN PAY FOR ANY OF YOUR UPGRADES OR NEW UPDATED EQUIPMENT.... WE DO..... YOU PASS ALL THAT ON TO THE CUSTOMERS.... WITHOUT US "YOUR EXCELLENT CUSTOMERS", WHERE WOULD THAT MONEY COME FROM? Maybe you should start treating us like the people HELPED build your company.... IT WAS YOU AND YOUR ROTTEN CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS AND/OR INVESTORS THAT CORRUPTED IT AND TURNED IT INTO THE LYING CHEATING, UNDER-HANDED, AND LOATHSOME COMPANY IT HAS BECOME..... ARE YOU EVER GOING TO LIVE UP TO YOUR NAME.... "FRONTIER" THAT DEFINITION IS....An undeveloped area or field for discovery or research..... THE ONLY RESEARCH BEING DONE I THINK IS HOW TO GET YOUR CUSTOMERS TO PAY YOU, NOT TO MAKE US HAPPY...... REALLY?

Cyber Librarian
Forest Grove, OR

I take it your upset? And don't really want assistance? At least I think that's the gist of your post that is in the Internet form of YELLING.
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Searching for a new Frontier
Burlington, WV
reply to J Mencel

I agree with darcilicious. Try talking, not yelling, with your GM or the area engineer. If that does not work file a complaint with your PUC, or whatever it is called in NY.

Webster, NY
reply to J Mencel

Wow. Quite an emphasis on you paying your bill on time. Congrats, I pay my bills on time also. Can you calm down, not shout, and post exactly what your issues are with Frontier in Rochester, NY ?