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RIP Lisa
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[TDPH] Fondest memories of Lisa...

We are all heartbroken and stunned at the recent loss of our own Lisa(lilhurricane).As an attempt
to come together and heal, I thought we could tell of our fondest memories of Lisa and how she
touched us so.For me,this is a means of coping/dealing with her passing in a positive and loving way.I sincerely hope this holds true for you also.


Some 9-10 years ago, I so wanted to learn how to build a computer,despite knowing nothing
of the process,let alone attempting such a thing. Lisa offered up help despite my insecurity
and reluctance and walked me though it. Long story short,
this wonderful lady helped me to confidently realize my dream of a self build. Both she and
all at Team Discovery were so supportive and encouraging. It was during this time that I
became friends with this awesome.loving and supportive team member, who I quickly came to
love and respect (along with our family here at Team Discovery). Lisa was indeed a friend to all.

Cypress, CA

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Honestly I have no one fondest memory of Lisa. Every time I used to think of her it brought a smile to my face and still does. She was a special soul.

Riding Thermals
The Desert
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It's tough to nail it down to one but some of my fondest memories were in the "Silly's" threads" posted in dev/null mostly occurring on the weekends way back when. We became a clique of our own, but welcomed all, meeting for virtual coffee and donuts, sometimes brunch. We chatted about our day, how we were feeling and just pretty much just wanting to be amongst friends. The light hearted humor, razzing each other and awesome graphics would raise any ones spirit who might stumble into the threads. I forget how many members were active in the group but Lisa was our "Silly's" president. She was always quick with kind words or an image that would lighten our day. Then, as quick as they'ed appear, they were gone leaving no evidence of our mischief and fun. It puts a smile on my face to think back about those threads and a huge hole in my heart knowing we'll never be the same without her.


Never Stop Trying

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I don't even know where to start with memories.....so many and all of them good....that doesn't happen often. Lil was one of a kind and I consider myself fortunate to have known her....albeit not face to face. I've got folder on my computer with many of her avatars we worked on together. And, let it be known that she wanted it her way....as it should be. One thing is certain, my heart will always have a special place for her and the memories.

Anticipate Nothing...Expect Everything


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To be honest, I don't want to believe she is gone. I wish I had a chance to meet her in person. I don't know what else to say. I'm surprised I'm this upset over someone I never met face to face.


North Fort Myers, FL

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There were many times when Lisa and I would communicate via PM and e-mail. The story I remember most was when WCG started their HCC project using video cards. I sent her one that I wasn't using. Unfortunately is was too big for her to use and she had to send it back. It ended up being kind of a running joke between us.
I'm still having a hard time coming to terms that she is no longer with us.

Bless you Howie

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Two memories strike strong: How she expressed a very strong commitment to cancer research. And our chats about the love for the color purple (I am a photonics technician, and have worked with violet LASERs and such, and I can see very near ultraviolet, something only a rare person can do). She was always a very kind and patient moderator, and never belittled me or made me feel bad, always did her moderation with moderation. I am a flawed person and have had my posts be moderated, but she handled it with a caring glove. I am so very sorry she's left us.

Columbus, OH

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The underwear boxer/thong topic was my favorite of all time. We all got silly and that was all Lisa spurring it on with her sense of humor.

The bad part was she kept all those graphics and they would show up from time to time when she wanted to give you a little dig/smile.
Team Discovery Project Hope

The Wizard
Premium,ExMod 2000-01

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reply to bbrcat

It is 4 AM i just saw the horrible news and I am HEART BROKEN and LOST right now.

I have been away from the site on and off for a while and out of touch with Lisa even though I moved within a few miles of her.

I just came back for a visit here and was shocked to see the Sorry News about Lisa.

She was a great friend and a fantastic person. I can not say enough about Her.

I meet her here about 8 years ago and established a deep and warm relationship with over 7000 IMs of personal and warm heart felt words.

I sent her Live Lobsters from Cape Cod she had a blast and a silly great time opening the box and having then crawl out on the counter she called me and we had a totally hilarious time Her daughter video taped it and sent me an AVI I had a fantastic laugh and a thoroughly great moment.

I also sent her many, many Teddy Bears from Vermont Teddy Bear's on special occasions as a sign of my love and affection for her as a GREAT Friend and Person.

We grew very close and I came to love her dearly.

I am totally SHATTERED and BROKEN that she is gone forever I can not truly comprehend her not being here anymore. She was so vibrant and real my God what a great loss and shock!!

She lightened my heart and soul!

When I decided to move to Florida Lisa opened her home to me while I found a house to buy and call home.

She took me out for my Birthday and included me in her life came to my house at 2 am to see if I was alright when she had not seen or heard from me for a while.

She was a very private but loving person and we maintained a casual relationship because of that need for her privacy.

We shared Costco Club membership and a few other things.

I can not even bring myself to comprehend that LISA is gone.

*****aka The WIZARD *****A Founding member of Seti BBR Team Starfire***


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reply to Hawk

+1 with Love!

zichrona livracha

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reply to HFB1217

My lovely bride and I got together with her for lunch the past few years when we were in South Florida. She always greeted and left us with a hug - not a perfunctory one, but a real "Wow, it's wonderful to see you!!!" hug.

We were to get together again this year on our way back north, but it was not to be.