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Warwick, RI

Rumor mill: google

Heard in a conversation with Verizon field engineer: Google is in talks with Verizon to buy.


Northport, NY
It was a rumor started by this article »www.fiercecable.com/story/ten-re···14-02-20



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I am for it, even though it may not happen for years. Hey, Verizon can't get any worse can it?


Norwalk, CA
". It could also spark mergers between other wireless carriers. The end result could be stronger wireless and wireline broadband providers who could drive broadband nationwide, and help the United States compete on a global basis.-

they forgot higher prices as well.

cheap internet comes at a price though you give up a lot of privacy.

i wouldnt mind verizon spinning off or selling the whole wired line business. get it in the hands of someone who would like to do something with it.

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said by birdfeedr:


Possible? Yes. Probable? No.

Lakeland, FL
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Not a chance, just some unknown bloggers random thoughts


Cleveland, OH
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Google doesn't want to be in the phone business. Let alone have to deal with the all the regulations- that they currently can avoid.


·Verizon FiOS

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The internal conflict inside Verizon (wireless Vs wireline products) will be eliminated, and the FTTP business within Verizons footprint would be able to finally finish. Google going from a few thousand FTTP subscribers to a OVER FIVE million would be pretty powerful, and if they had any sense they would finish the build and bleed outside Verizons traditional territory. Its good to dream.


Centereach, NY
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Doesn't Google use a different network technology than Verizon?

That would make it less desirable, but certainly not a deal breaker. But the article is just complete speculation about why it makes sense to one guy. Not even to the level of rumor.

Would be wonderful news if it became true though.


said by nothing00:

Doesn't Google use a different network technology than Verizon?

Not if they buy Verizon, then the DO use that technology. I personally wouldnt want this.


Flushing, NY
reply to birdfeedr
i don't think google want to deal with the Unions, so it's usually untrue.

Woodbridge, VA
reply to birdfeedr
I wouldn't want it to happen since they would go to IP delivery for TV. I would want to be able to use my TiVos. So for Internet Google would be great. But for TV I would have to go back to Comcast to continue using my TiVos. Plus I would need to get phone service through Comcast since Google doesn't have it.


East Amherst, NY
Who cares if the keep cable card, and there are like hundreds of VOIP providers.
There is a plot to kill off CC anyways and go to IP so your Tivo may be a dead man walking. Maybe would come up w/ a solution like they did w/ SDV, or not.

The issue is Verizon is hybrid IP/ATM and Goog IP, but that is because they were starting from scratch. So the question is do they keep the hybrid/ONT model or convert over to Google NID over time. It's not as clean as cable operators merging.

Really does GOOG want in on the wireline business? If so, FiOS would be the ideal target. They have steered clear of the NE like the plague, so instantly this would give them a dominant foothold. They may even wire up the PRC where their campuses are in Boston...


I'm not familiar with the technical details of how Google's system works. Can they use the existing PON and just replace the equipment on the ends and get the same result as what they've built themselves?
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Manassas, VA
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Re: Rumor mill: google

said by dfwguy:

I'm not familiar with the technical details of how Google's system works. Can they use the existing PON and just replace the equipment on the ends and get the same result as what they've built themselves?

Google's Kansas City plant is using active ethernet from what I've been told. Each user gets a dedicated piece of glass to the plant. That is obviously not compatible with PON.

Things are different in the Provo and I think future installs. They've gone to WDM-GPON technologies; basically they're using PON but giving each user thier own wavelength. I don't know if it's a seperate up and down stream wavelengths or what. But I do know those installs have optical filters before the ONT's to filter out the other wavelengths on the fiber.

Google could easily switch the eqipment out on both ends to do WDM-GPON; but they'd have to go to each customers house and install some wavelength filters.

The problem with this is that Google really didn't want to be an ISP. They solely started this "1gpbs" ball rolling in an attempt to get the other companies to step up to compete. The issue is that hasn't worked because Google is selective about what cities they go to; and they may even have problems getting in to areas with the way the providers like to buy off public officials.

It'd be a disaster if you ask me. Verizon's GPON doesn't meet Google's standards; it's two data wavelengths shared among all users. Google would have to spend massive amounts of money upgrading the equipment on both ends of the fiber...all they'd really be getting is a bunch of already laid fiber.
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New York, NY
·Verizon FiOS
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Re: Rumor mill: google

Kansas City is also on WDM Pon. But you're right about the acquisition being a disaster. Part of the advantage with Google's dedicated fiber to the hut technique is that once Google decides to exit the ISP business ( give it 7 years), it can easily invite other ISPs to bring their equipment to the fiber hut and take over as your ISP. Google can then sell the huts to Level 3 or some other party. Since the huts are unmanned, and all field install techs are contractors, this is really a build it, grow it, and sell it operation for Google. Verizon doesn't have that luxury.

Plus, Google doesn't want to be a phone provider (with all the associated regulatory requirements) or take over any union contracts. Can you blame them?

Independence, OH
reply to mgamer20o0
I wound't mind if they did't sell it to someone like Frontier.