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Bandwidths Depleting, can't figure out why


As of recently (one or two weeks ago) my HT1100 Gen4 has just been draining. Last week we went trough 2GB, which we don't usually do, and these last two days we went through 8! I have done various things such as:

Turning automatic updates off

Checking my Netgear site for leeches

Ran an ad/malware scan.

So if you have any more ideas, I'm game.



How many of what type of computers do you have. Do you have iPhones/iPads? What about TiVo or other A/V that might be using your web connection?

iOS can be very stealthy with it's updates i.e. I've not found why sometimes it seems to want to download a whole GB of iOS in the background. Of course, 8GB in two days is crazy unless you have a child watching movies and not telling you...
Gen4 Power Plan Jupiter HT1100 v3.0.2.15 Signal Strength Typical 125+

Not you

The only devices we have that can connect to the internet are two HP Computers with Windows 7 and two Dells with Windows 8 (one has 8.1) and two Android smartphones (though dad takes one to work everyday, so that's not often at home).

I heard rumors saying that 8.1 eats up bandwidth, but I haven't found any solutions.

We don't have any TiVo or anything of the sort either. I went to and it gave me a list of connected devices (an HP, which is mine, and Mom's which is Windows 8.1)

We only have 1.4 GB of token bytes left with 5 days before our refill, so help would be highly appreciated. Pronto, ASAP, LOL. Haha, Doctor Who reference. Sorry.

Thanks for helping!


»Win-8 Users

Not you

I bypassed my WiFi router and plugged in my HP Windows 7 laptop directly into the modem. They are still going down, and I can't figure out why. There's a pattern to it though. It drops roughly 1 MB every 30 seconds. What the heck?

West Mich.
Drop down to a single directly connected computer (as you did above)
Install Net Guard:
» ··· er_Guide

See what names and amounts it come up with. I like the PDF "statement" function and you can select a readout for a single day.

go here for my list of usage "tools":
» ··· um_id=73

Do each of your computers one at a time to "proof then out".
Once you have done that and concluded that you have an "inflation" issue on the Hughes end read and Register with in this topic on the Hughes forum:
» ··· ed_usage


Pamplico, SC
reply to Not you
if you Facebook a lot they added some "auto play videos" option that is automatically on by default...this will eat a lot of data we went through all the saved tokens we accumulated over the months in like a month till Facebook made it to where we could turn the feature off.