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Boca Raton, FL

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[Speed] High outbound packet loss

I've been trying to solve a packet loss problem since December, when my modem was upgraded to DOCSIS 3 so I could get the speed I was paying for.
I keep telling support it's a network problem on their end, and they keep sending out techs to check my signal strength.
The "special" rep that contacted me after my post to the direct support forum won't escalate to the network group, he just keeps telling me "they want to send another tech out to check the signal."

FWIW, Shaperprobe won't complete because of the packet loss. I have to use the Comcast speed tester instead, which the techs tell me "isn't a valid test."

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[Speed] Re: High outbound packet loss

Since you did not explicitly label this thread as a "Rant", I will assume that perhaps you are looking for help. If you want help from the members of this forum, you will need to supply some information that will enable the help to be something other than wild guesses. Here is a FAQ that provide some suggestions for the kind of information that is needed: »Comcast High Speed Internet FAQ »How To Get Help!
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Re: [Speed] High outbound packet loss

I dont know why the techs would be telling you the comcast speed test isnt a valid test. While its not shaper probe it pretty well covers comcasts pipe. Im guessing when you get your signal issues fixed that you have a post for in the tv section maybe this will get taken care of.


Boca Raton, FL
The TV signal part started last month, the packet loss (which happens 24/7, only in one direction, and excellent signal at the modem) has been around since they swapped my modem to one that supports DOCSIS 3.

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Re: [Speed] Re: High outbound packet loss

Not a rant, just a last attempt at finding out how to get past level one support. There is nothing left for me to debug, it's definitely in their network.

Knock on wood, the packet loss has stopped.